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I told you not to



But you didn’t mean it

But real shit what is it just some random hentai manga? Is that the only reason you think it’s bad?


don’t go any further, keep your innocence




get on mine and @Kat’s level



Do you even know my power level!?


pfft, that’s child’s play


Ok so I went further

So it is some depressing hentai manga? Honestly judging from the title I was expecting some weird fucked up fetish shit that would fit in the horror/psychological tag.


i wasn’t daring you


You were encouraging me


regret of posting meme intensifies


oh really?


Excellent pun, good sir


you didn’t


I didn’t.

just watching you tards squabble isn’t enjoyable.


know your meme bro


So anime Velma is still best waifu of the mystery gang? Is that the conclusion one should draw from this?



If someone says don’t look of fucking course Im a look, if someone says don’t look that up of fucking course I’m gonna fucking look it up, if someone says to not do something of course Ima fuckin do it.


if that’s what you’re in to?