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and A Silent Voice is just about a def girl with no friends


Alright then explain this shit to me


WTF Amazon


Where do you fins this shit and why?


record scratch
freeze frame on Haru Koyama getting choked by a horny naked dude
Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation.


@Reformed_JoelBanks is all over that shit because isekai :wink:


Hey man there have been some isekai series I didn’t like and dropped or whatever that one is called is one


you finished Death March didn’t you?


Yeah, it was dog shit


I’m honestly surprised you would admit that


I’d still watch the second season if it got one though


there is something wrong with you


Says the one who read that hentai thing you told me not to and just linked some fucked up shit


I didn’t link nothing




I just read the first few pages of the hentai shit and got bored but it is literally what I said it was idk why you think it is some crazy fucked up shit


Thanks for your investigation and report that literally no one asked for


That is not even our final form


Watched it subbed with a few buddies on Thursday. I’m going again tomorrow for the dub.


It isn’t the “crazy fucked up shit”, it just depresses people out of their fap and makes them hope the MC’s life can get on with it. That is why the manga is so infamous.

It is probably one of the most realistic depictions of how drugs and shit can spiral out of control and ruin a person’s life, because of that, people can relate to it more which just ruins the “fap” time.

I genuinely think it’d be a good read ignoring the hentai.

@Skelterz I should just change your title to “177013”
Don’t google that number people, it just leads to what @Skelterz told you not to google.


I thought about changing my title but my current one will always fit me perfectly