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I want to be a misogynistic hwite male.


Whada hell whadis dis whites onlay


Wait that isn’t just a meme title? Is it legit saying that or is it just the title saying that to be extra clickbaity


Anitube has always been pretty liberal but now they’re just going off the rails.

Goblin Slayer got the same treatment


So is that video a meme or is it being serious?

Giguck always memes that shit and he is really the only anime person on youtube I watch so I’d imagine youtube would recommend me other people who meme like that.


didn’t watch it but i’d say serious


Tbh Idk what liberal and all that political jargon means (I’ve got an idea but that’s it cus I don’t care enough to look it up)


Some of us are men of simple tastes… we see a Waifu. We watch


anitubers inserting their politics into their content, that and how they mostly seem to parrot each other is why i don’t like it.


People are trying to be the Anita Sarkeesian of Anime.


Holy shit I’ve got a really strong urge to play life is strange, but it hasn’t finished releasing all the episodes so I’ll probs just replay the first game and watch some NHK since that has some life is strange vibes.

Honestly if there was a Japanese version of life is strange this song would definitely be in it. Are there any Japanese games that are like or somewhat similar to life is strange? I feel like they’d for sure have some since they are all for that kinda game genre.


ftfy, desu

Calling that anitube is like calling Anita Sarkeesian a games journalist.


Life is Strange is a meme at this point. If Waifu Chloe wasn’t in it we wouldn’t have bothered.


Forgot I had this

Ladies vs. Butlers is the source anime.


You’re a meme bitch life is strange is great, it’s a fucking masterpiece


I don’t like anitube because I don’t need some pretentious prick with no credentials telling me what is good and what’s bad and what I should enjoy.

Also, yes, the sjw nonsense is out of hand.


I already don’t like anitube cause I don’t need a deranged retard telling me this is wrong.


I like season in review videos sometimes to find new anime but that’s about it… I refuse to watch actual reviews of specifics as I’ll watch anything that’s at least a 4/5 star review average and falls under 1 category I like.


The problem is too people get too in-depth to the point where it gets boring.

IMO no anime review should be more than 3 or 5 minutes. also cause DAT spoilers get mixed in.


^ literally me