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I’ll give this a go, mostly looking for things i haven’t seen. Honestly Death Note is still fresh in my mind and i haven’t seen it in years.


Slime anime has been disappointing the last couple of episodes :frowning:
Or is it just me?




I am garbage and so is what I read

Maken-ki is somehow still going


Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou


As it should… it’s high quality anime.


Idk about the anime, I mean the MANGA is still ongoing


As it should. It’s high quality plot.

obvious joke is obvious


It’s… Actually not bad for a super power manga


It’s like the chivalry of a failed knight… but with more T H I C C ness.


I feel like I’ve read this one before
Nope it’s the author, I read the other series they’ve done


perfect for some light reading at work


On the topic of trash, anything ever happen to infinite stratos


Still ongoing as well


There’s a lot of culture in this.


So I watched the Mahouka movie… I feel like I need to read the arc right after the anime to get the movie… But the official translated LN isn’t done that arc, nor does the manga…


Shield hero Does the girls in a party way better than that death march anime did. I fuckin love it

Raphtalia best girl this season ez.


Got caught up with Shield Hero LN, so I went to check out some other series. I decided to pick up the “Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life?!” series and I have been enjoying way more than I thought I would.

Also picked up the new volume for the Toradora LN.


The Gun Gale Online dub was added to Netflix


that’s it boys pack it in

This shit is why i don’t like anitube