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Boku No Pico would like a word.


What if I told you


I have not yet seen any sjw seep into the anitubers I watch and they can be great for figuring out if something is worth investing in. I don’t take them by their word, but often figuring out what aspects people liked or hated means I have an indication if it is a show for me.


Also decent for finding old shit that I don’t know about.


Well media review isn’t like tech review, you can’t benchmark anime. Anyone that takes an anitubers word as gospel is retarded, if you agree then that’s a whole other matter.

Take digibro and his SOA sucks series of videos, i completely agree with everything he says but i still enjoyed the first three seasons.


Apparently Steam has added games from MangaGamer. Steam has reached its final form

Kyonyuu Fantasy just got added to Steam… also don’t google that


Mostly same for me (mainly giguck for end of season videos and meme videos) but I also watch videos on other people just giving their opinions on an episode of a show im following (really only chibi reviews though) not because I want to use it to decide if I want to watch it or not but because I just want to know what other people’s opinions are on a show that is currently airing that I enjoy, also sometimes they may point something out that I missed or if he reads the manga he’ll say what’s been left out of the anime.

I also watch stuff that has clips from anime and that’s it (normally khornime)


@skelterz when a stupid fps player falls into another world is pretty good



Funbag Fantasy

Don’t google that.


Relife is looking pretty good, not sure why I never tried it before


I’ll do what i want


I don’t wanna go to work I just wanna watch anime. Fuck this shit


Looks like my kind of trash


That’s me everyday

Adulting sucks


I work 11 hours every day…


I’ll never forget the time I did and there was one called

funbag fantasy: Sideboob sidestory


that game and anime features true grade ‘A’ quality culture.


Well I’ve read all of that…


I’ve been watching ‘Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten’ on VRV.

shit is so gud.


No it’s not, it’s trash and so are you