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Wait, is it normal to look away from an anime and not read the subs for like an entire scene to get some snacks and know generally what happened and what was said so you don’t have to rewind?


AVA better pony up some rare figures for @Some_Tech_Noob then


You right, this show gas af

I just watched the first episode and I basically knew what was going on immediately after starting it Figured it was going to be like a witch fattening them up, but for whatever reason them referring to it as a farm made it feel completely different from the witch kinda thing.

I’ve got high hopes for this one


Wait so I’m rewatching overlord season 2 now and at the begining of the first episode it’s got this one chick with like black and white hair and that dragon and old lady and I completely forgot about them. Do we know anything else about them that happened in the anime? Do we know anything else about them that is in the light novel?


What a good anime pic for “when you add a bunch of anime you know is trash to your PTW list”


So…Bunny Girl was meh. Kinda annoying that it’s not consistently meh but has some really good aspects and then smears dirt over them.
The ending was rushed and less than satisfying.
The art style and animation is top (except for a rare few CGI shots).
The story is meh. I can see people comparing it to the Monogatari series but I wouldn’t say it’s in the same league. It’s a weird mix of inspirations/anime it reminds me of.
btw, Futaba = Hanekawa = best girl.
Mai = Senjougahara = meh.

Not sure if I’d watch it again. Definitely more than Kokoro Connect but less than the Monogatari series.


I agree. It’s not a bad show, but certainly an overrated/overhyped one imo.





Right in the fucken trash



Received that by email




You do know this exists right?

It’s this one:


I’m on my phone I can’t do that


Yikes why is its score so low @Skelterz


When you have shows like Mob Psycho II, Boogiepop, Promised Neverland and Shield Hero all jammed in Winter season. It’s gonna make any decent show look like trash.


The new one is dog shit, Ima watch the old one like @ThatBootsGuy said to. The only thing I like about the new one that the old one is worse in are how the characters look. I especially like how boogiepop looks in the new one over the old one. But that’s it I’m pretty sure the old one is better.


also 80% of the episode being flashbacks, cafe scenes, narration, and exposition dumps may not be an accurate representation of the series. or at least i hope so.


What are you talking about m8? The new one is great and it just began! There’s still a lot it can offer.