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I am back from the dead

and I have finally gotten off my ass to finish this damn pc build

time to go back to watching anime.

p.s. this winter season looks like a lot of hot garbage incoming


@Some_Tech_Noob has a build thread for this build.
Time for my Second Build! A Project LCD Case v2
Very cool stuff. I recommend checking it out.

Edit: that video came out great, and dang that side panel screen looks great! I want to make one really badly right now, but I just have to many projects to add this to my list.


@TeckMonster since I know you have exquisite and sophisticated taste for automobiles, maybe you can spot something interesting from this trailer? :wink:

Otherwise the trailer is quite awful.


Dude this season is full of greatness idk wut u talkin about.

We got:

  • Mob Psycho
  • Sheild Hero
  • Dororo
  • The Promised Neverland
  • second half of Slime season

And a few OVAs.

This season is killing it.


Yikes that’s about 5 mentions out of 104 excluding specials and movies.


It’s got to be the Volvo 240 right. Lol

I can’t seem to find a good front shot of the 240 with the fog lights, so I’mma just share this video.

PS: I’m getting a seizures from that anime trailer. lol


That’s just the stuff that I’ve seen that’s objectively good that has aired so far.

If we go by MAL scores of 7.5 and above (the general threshold for what’s fairly objectively good imo, stuff below is either niche or objectively bad generally speaking) we also include:

  • Kakegurui xx
  • BanG Dream! 2nd Season
  • Fukigen na Mononokean Tsuzuki barely misses at 7.46
  • Gotoubun no Hanayome
  • Dimension High School

15 new shows don’t have a score yet.

There’s the usual suspects in the Continuing section, most are familiar with their existence.
Magical index and Hinomaruzumou are pretty close to that 7.5 threshold, and Run with the Wind, JoJo, SAO: Alicization, and Fairy Tail: Final Series are over that mark.

So the New season statistics for what has a score of over 7.5 are as follows:

40 new shows, minus 15 that don’t have a score yet (excluding kids and hentai shows of course)
so of the remaining 25 shows, 8 have a score of 7.5 or above.

Continuing to use 7.5 as the benchmark we see that 32% of shows have exceeded that. Compare this to Last season which had some good gems, or the summer season which had almost nothing. This is clearly the best season we’ve had in awhile.

On top of that we have the Recap movies for Made in Abyss, 3 Psycho Pass movies, and a Code Geass movie

If we look into the specials section there’s JoJo and My Hero Academia

This season is fantastic!


I actually think slime is a 6/10, it triggers me in hella ways.

The story is way too linear and the slime VA is quite annoying imo. The anime makes slime dude think and come up with a solution that’s so obvious to the watcher already, but it portrays it as if it’s some new revelation that noone’s thought of before.

I’ll still watch it till the end but mehhhhh I don’t enjoy it at all.

I am down for mob psycho 100 s2 though, will check out the rest on the list as well.


Shield Hero is a big surprise for me. I figured it’d be just another Isekai, but it’s really not. And I’m a fan of the longer episode format.

Dororo, will have to wait and see if it gets good. So far It has my curiosity, and I think it will be good.

Promised Neverland first episode is solid. Really sets up the show. I normally stay away from anything with the “horror” tag, but this is good stuff.


Aye! I didn’t know which model since I’m a Saab zealot, but I recognized grille, shape of the hood and those headreasts. :smile:

Haven’t found anything that would interest me this anime season yet, though I have not been looking much. Maybe I should try the slime anime.

Shield hero might also be good. Maybe.


Always a dead give away for the 240. lol


Since you have Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san on your ptw, if you enjoy that you may like Wataten! since it’s pretty similar stuff.

I’d highly recommend watching ONE’s animes: One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100. Just excellent shows, and season 2 of Mob has started off fantastically with no signs of slowing/getting stale.

Shield Hero is solid. Very different from the usual Isekai garbage. Certainly not overpowerd, sort of an anti-hero vibe.

Slime is pretty good, though Some-Tech_Noob’s points are valid. If you can get past that it’s good imo.



I cherish this genre and will love the series everyone else hates because someone has to love em right? I am a true modern day hero

tbh Idk why you thought it was going to be bad isekai, I thought it looked fuckin great to begin with, but then again I like isekai even if it is bad.


Isekai is generally bad. There are a few good ones, Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar, Shield Hero, Konosuba, Slime. But there are far more "In another world with a smartphone"s than "Konosuba"s. And due to the overwhelming saturation of the genre, every season has multiple isekai’s now, I generally don’t have high hopes when I do see something that might interest me.


TBH I feel my ptw list is getting out of hand, though it’s not nearly as long as some of you guys have. :smile:

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san looked interesting after reading the synopsis, I like comedy anime in general so have to take a closer look into that. I didin’t find Wataten! from MAL but when I do I’ll add that to ptw.

I had completely forgotten One Punch Man, thanks! :smiley:

TBH animation style of Mob Psycho didn’t look that good imo, but then again I’ll give it a try since I usually end up appreciating the stories a lot more than other parts in anime (and in games, movies, etc.).

Thank you for recommendations! :slight_smile:


Just shorthand for this one:



I haven’t looked at my list in a while
Apparently I’m watching 39 series, lol I’ve started so many and just forgot about them.


I may have questions about that side panel in the future.


Wtf did I just watch?