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I don’t think the animations are bad at all and it does stand aside from Monogatari due to it’s more empathetic characters and situations people normally go through.


The animation is mediocre at best and the rain scene is absolute dog shit

The Monogatari/ Snafu comment is actually a compliment, i like bunny thot but cant help but feel it didn’t get the quality animation it deserved (the story could use a little work too)


bunny girls title is way too long. it’ll never catch on with the normies with that title and it’ll just be abbreviated by everyone.

also mob is good, dororo has a interesting protagonist and not much else going for it, manaria friends is boring yuri/furry? scalie? bait without anything else going for it, lord el is kinda boring and would make no sense if i havent seen every fate, and i started watching tsugumomo after seeing a amv of it on youtube and its better than over half this seasons anime i have seen so far. oh yea watched shield hero too and ep one wasnt enjoyable to watch but it peaked my interest at where the story is going. very cringy and edgy with the whole “everyone hate me because they are all evil and against me” thing but i would like to see a chaotic neutral hero for once.


I haven’t seen this but it looks like my type of trash.


There is one scene of bunny thot




lmfao I approved




What does this mean?


Boi you’ve seen Konosuba?
The Crimson demons are all full blown Chuunis




I think it’s time to rewatch avatar the last airbender for the 20th time. I literally like rewatched it about a year ago and now I’m gettin into it again.

Oh nope, just kidding, the autistic fucks at netflix decided to remove it


Inb4 @Skelterz reeeee furry


Catgirls aren’t furry


Haha. That was one of the first lines in that write-up.


Caster is bae now


Watched 3D Kanojo… more of the same bs… super predictable for the most part. I’ll watch it… but it’s clearly not good…


The manga has the same issue, which i dropped

It lost it’s charm, Don’t bully Me Nagatoro does it better imo



4 episodes into Bunny Girl and I have to say I don’t see the appeal. It’s just as annoying as Kokoro Connect. Might drop it if Ep.05 is as annoying to watch as Ep.04. Goes to show how stupid, self-centered and shallow high school teens are.