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Shut up. I have great taste. The best taste. I know anime.


Your taste more like



Nah you’re referring to @ThatBootsGuy He’s the one into CGDCT



You’re right. You couldn’t be cause you don’t know which anime.


A masterpiece


I’ve actually seen that anime, but I forgot what it is called or was about, so you’re right, idk which anime.


Daaaamn! Has anyone seen this yet? I thought Mob Psycho 100, Boogiepop and Shield Hero were gonna be the top 3 of this season but Promised Neverland easily takes the cake. Felt like I was watching a high quality movie.


Holy crap. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this anime.

It has ecchi in the genres, and I didn’t think much of it, but wow did they mean it this time. Also the cringe knob is cranked to 11.

Edit: I’m only on episode 3.





only had three frames to work with

ok fixed the missing signs


you have my attention



Well, I started watching it because of the humanoid, but there’s no sigin whatsoever that she is indeed a robot. She even bleeds red (guess it could be ATF), but it’s quite the letdown in the humanoid department.


Finally got around to the first episode of Mob II, i was kind of worried it would lose it’s heart but damn was i wrong. It went right for the feels and i am so excited for the rest of this season.

also the Body Improvement Club still kicks ass lol


Best club of any anime I’ve seen

may be second after light music now that I think about it


Do you think it would have been easier to just nuke the sign?


nah, only had to fix one frame instead of two


Finished Watamote and I want more…