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Watch it. Do it. It’s a great anime and there just happens to be fucking Gundams. Checks all the boxes


@Reformed_JoelBanks, you’re welcome


First episode of Dororo was awesome, can’t wait for the next.


Wrong thread?




Damn, mondays are just packed with good anime now.

slime, dororo, and mob psycho



Mob hype!


Can I wait to binge it all at the end? Or do I cave and watch weekly…



Give in


An interesting theory.
And it is true that a lot of information is left out of the anime, keeping it more vague that it needs to be (compared to the manga).
Not sure what to make of it myself, tbh.

There are also some seemingly useless changes I don’t understand.
Like, Sebas uses a monocle in the anime when he’s at the sorcerers’ guild to look at spells to purchase but in the manga he uses reading glasses. They’re both magical items (the effect can be seen in the lense(s).
So unless they thought “It’s easier and cheaper to draw a monocle than glasses” I don’t know why they changed it. Seeing how they had to cut corners with that shitty CGI for the ogres, goblins, goat monsters, etc. It would make sense for it to be due to budget reasons.


It’s Mob Psycho Monday! What did y’all think of the latest ep?



Started watching that Bunny Thot anime everyone seems to love cause it jerks their feels.
I’m 12min into the 1st episode, so I’m fully capable of judging it.
Needs more bunny girl scenes.


Let’s get an ecchi professional to judge its bunny girlness.

@Kat on a scale of limpy to rock hard how is bunny girl senpai?


Reviewers be like…


Plus 90% of the internet, commenting on a topic after reading only the headline of an article.


What is the name of said anime?


Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai


Its Monogatari/Snafu Lite
And suffer from bland to downright bad animation

Needs 1000% more bunny thot