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Ugh I can’t find any good action anime I feel like watching, I’ve tried like 3 different series and I’m not really feeling any of them.



Only 1/2 of volume 4 is “liberated” right now and I am impatient. Volume 5 is out at the end of the month, so that will be fun.


Yea boi

Im worried about the anime honestly

Have you got to see more of War Nurse behind the scenes? Shit is crazy.


idk why I stopped watching this series it’s actually pretty decent


because its bad, that’s why

wait, there is one good scene


Rewatching Overlord (specifically the good half of S2) for the 5th or 6th time. The show needs more Sebas.

And I still don’t know what Albedo means in that one scene:

She asks Ainz via Message why he is going to such efforts - recruiting some of the floor guardians - to save Tuare when she got kidnapped by Six Arms. Ainz is getting angry and explains that he put his name on the line, promising to protect her (Tuare is the sister of Ninya, who was killed by Clementine after Ainz and the group of adventurers got back from his mission escorting Nfirea to Carne Village). After the Message ends she says she still doesn’t understand him and then, in a different tone, she says “Ridiculous”.

What does she mean by that?

Guess I have to catch up to that scene in the manga.


My pure speculative thoughts on that scene is it’s foreshadowing that Ainz’s incompetence is going to bite him in the ass sooner or later.


Yeah its story is kinda doo doo and its characters are boring and there are way too many, I guess some dude named neyman or some shit died, they mentioned that a few times in episode 4, not sure who he was.

But it is entertaining.


What keeps me wondering is that she completely break character in that scene. Almost as if she’s plotting against him.


The only way I see Albedo doing anything that is actually harmful for Ainz is if it is some yandere shit.


And that’s exactly what’s bothering me with that scene. It’s so out of character for her that it confuses me.


Honestly I’m probs gonna read ahead cus ngl I don’t think overlord is getting anymore seasons.


What makes you think that?

  1. No announcement of a new season
  2. 3rd season was so bad they pissed a lot of people off and hardcore fans of the series too, probably lost a lot of their fan base due to this
  3. because the 3rd season was so bad it leads me to believe they must’ve cut the budget which I assume is because they weren’t expecting to do anything else with it really.
  4. If I’m not mistaken most anime series only go on if the hype is there which is why they have this seasonal shit going on, the hype train for overlord season 3 seems to have slowed way down compared to the 1st season
  5. The amount of people on MAL watching it has significantly decreased every season


afaik there’s currently not enough source material for a whole new season. Cutting it short wouldn’t please the fans.

Yet it has a higher score than S1 and S2.
Actually, it followed the pace of S2 where the first half was meh and then picked up the pace with the last episode being the climax.

There’s also anime series that are crap and are running for hundreds of episodes.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of cases were an anime got me hyped for another season and never delivered (Log Horizon being one of them), but the whole Overlord series is quite successful among the Isekai series out there.


More often than not, they wait awhile to announce a new season to see how sales go.

True. But, it’s like that with anything. If there’s no market for it there’s not going to continue the product.

Which brings us to:

Yes, but 200k is still 200k (especially when you look at how many people watched anime the season it aired, second only to attack on titan which had 100k more members). It’s a very popular series, and season 3 is very highly rated on MAL. Let’s not forget that fucking ONE ROOM got another season with only 54k members and a score of 5.7 for the first season.

I’d really be surprised if Overlord didn’t get another season. There could be a number of reasons as to why another season isn’t set in stone yet like: a lack of enough source material existing, sales figures, VAs or other people involved having other shit to do that takes priority, etc.


Im curious as to what extent the floor guardians are aware of the situation, iirc the whole world is different from the og game.

There are still a bunch of things that aren’t explained like the green light that calm Ainz down.


Which is truly saying something, because as over-saturated and generally garbage isekai is, it is still consistently the most popular genre by a wide margin. So being that successful in the most competitive space in anime is quite the accomplishment.


The green light only seems to appear when he displays human emotions. At least that’s my theory. When he has an outburst of rage or joy or embarrassment (at the very beginning when he touches Albedo’s tits, when the item he tried to use to remove the mind control from Shalltear doesn’t work, when he explains to Albedo why kidnapping Tuare is an offense to him you can hear the sound of it, when he laughs cause Demiurge and Sebas arguing reminds him of their creators, etc).


it’s pretty obvious what it does but who or what could assert that power over Ainz is still unclear.