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I’m not sure it’s someone’s or something’s doing but like an effect, maybe a residue of the game. I mean, what would someone gain from doing that green light and sound on him? Might be an unknowingly self-applied buff?
There are some things like that still in place, like Shalltear only attacking during mind control when she’s attacked but not taking aggro when other spells are cast near her.
And I don’t remember but I think the Message function is only being used by Ainz and his subordinates.


I’m ready for an Arifureta anime… Although I am sad that what part of it I want to see animated will probably not become a reality. Since it will be most likely just be an ad to sell more LNs.

Also Manga art > LN art.


i was kind of disappointed in all the rail gun and magic motorcycle shenanigans, kills some of the fantasy aspect and the tone has lightened up way too much compared to the start.


The power scaling in that series is just insane… Are you finished the main story at all?


No the manga is just about to the third dungeon


So many things I want to say, but I must refrain…


Yikes, imagine being so bad that I legit rate it a 1 and not as a joke like with berserk but a legit 1. Episode 9 was doggggg

Tbh this whole series is a joke, I don’t remember when it started airing but it must’ve been on april fools. The continually build up something good and then crush it, theo going places, nope, a good romance between the leaders of opposing factions, nope, a good romance between the 2 main character, probably a nope.

More like MiZuNo RyOu


I think it’s supposed to promote a mobile game.


Nah it’s based off a novel not a game


Yeah just read that, normal light novel trash


Why’d you read it? M?


Read the wiki not the LN


Well now I have no idea what to watch


A Centaur’s Life


mmm, I’m thinking of watching a romance series with a happy ending. Grancrest left a sour taste in my mouth now I need to get it out




Already seen that, also didn’t like the ending where they all decided to remain friends and kill the romance


Well I decided to try Suzuka, so far all I’m getting from it is that it is really old


aired in 2005

Are you like 10?


Nah lol, just compared to todays quality it feels old. Like how it is a square to fit the big ass TVs instead of todays TVs and the audio quality and overall animation quality is lower.