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Do they apply to PMs?
Asking for a friend.
jk, don’t have any. it’s for me.



does it matter though?


You matter


desu lives matter


Started watching The Flavors of Youth then stopped. Its immensely stupid, the main character’s older self is constantly narrating.

Was kind of confused to what this was

Until I read the description, IT’S MORE FATE

A short story following one of the main characters of Fate/Zero, super stoked, i want more but this is it.

Even More Fate!

Slice of life where characters from the Fate series enjoy a meal, given how fucked up the Fate series is this is a welcome change of pace.


Did the slime anime not get an episode yesterday?


it’s probably on break


It’s actually really good IMO.


Megumin’s VA getting surprised by a daikimakura of her character


Thanks for the suggestion!

Just watched all 12 eps in one night! It’s 1am and I have work in a few hours :sweat_smile:

Also, super hungry now!! :upside_down_face:


You know what needs a sequel?

This show right here @Skelterz completely agrees with me too. Lmao


Watching Gigguk video I decided my New Year goal will be to watch more anime this year. So gonna finish Evangelion tomorow! (fuck I gonna begin the year with a depression). Bunny girl next. Or Yagate Kimi ni Naru.


“bunny girl senpai baited us with #plot, only to have us stay for… plot”

I mean, he aint wrong


No, it’s lame


Monogatari series is better


I still need to finish that also…


It’s too grindy


Funny since you usually complain about shows being too short


It’s Joelbank, don’t try to find a logic