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My current favourite scene in xenoblade chronicles 2


Lmfao. Moetan was just pretty stupid. Nothing too risque besides the horny duck and the whole cloths disintegrating.
iz okee they in Hi skoo

For some reason I was thinking of the shit show Popotan. Pretty sure it was more successful as a VN.


Here is my MAL profile:

In general sci-fi, cyberpunk, romance and comedy are some of the genres in anime I like.

I tried to explain to my friend what kind of anime I like, but it is really difficult to say exactly. Same problem with music, I generally don’t enjoy Hip-Hop or Metal music that much, but there’s some excellent bands/artists in both genres I like to listen.


but wat aboot F R I E N D S H I P , eh?


No such thing



If this was reference to some anime meme or similar, sorry but I didin’t get it.


Fairy Tail



I’ve probably watched couple episodes way back when, but for what ever reason it didn’t catch my interest back then. I probalby should try again sometime.


As long as you can provide better information than Reformed_JoelBanks here, we’ll be able to help you out in recommendations.


Fairy Tail is enraging, its subtitle should be Friendship is literally fucking Magic


You see the truth but close your eyes…


I hate you


Never have and never will. If I want to watch a long running shoujo anime, I have the new Cardcaptors to catch up on or I can rewatch InuYasha


mAh NaKaMa


I’m really looking forward to watching this when the dub is finished. I believe the sub is done though.

I’d recommend (not necessarily cyberpunk)

More keep popping into mind, but lunch break is over.


:smile: I’ll try.

@TeckMonster thanks! Will add those to my list.


Made in Abyss is more kinda Steampunk imo.
@Even747 get a box of tissues ready, though.


@Skelterz damn surpisingly YouTube autoplay has shown a nice amount really good weeb music.