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That’s one point of view. Another one is that it instantly shows what kind of threat the goblins are and what a grim world it is, making the other adventurers look like assholes for brushing them off as small fries and only looking for demons and other big monsters. While they’re still helping people by killing those monsters, their motivations seems to be fame. Goblins are a real threat for small villages and should not be taken lightly. While they’re only the size of a child with equal intelligence, it’s their numbers that pose a serious danger. And Goblin Slayer - with his past - is the only one who acknowledges them.


Ok, well I did underestimate the brutality a bit despite reading everyones posts, but I expected the goblin slayer to be much more bad ass and OP like Ainz in Overlord.


Far too many power trips and happy-go-lucky environments in isekai. I like Goblin Slayer as a solid departure from that overdone narrative.


Don’t underestimate him. He’s a silver rank after all. And the world is more “realistic” ( I know, I know) in terms of magic. It’s basically Dungeons & Dragons as an anime (especially with how magic works, number of spells you can use per day).


ooh, Slime is entering infinite sadness territory


Finished up Lucky Star. It was ok, nothing special, but I can see why so many dislike it.

Guess I’ll start up Eromanga Sensei to see what all the talk is about.




Gotta make it on that FBI list too?


Pretty sure I’m already on it

I’ve also got Kodomo no Jikan on my ptw list so it could be worse


This really is borderline pedo stuff. No idea how this got the green light for production.


@ThatBootsGuy, you’ll notice with Eromanga Sensei that any serious plot (not #Plot) is constantly undercut for the sake of being trash.

I seriously hate this series not because it’s bad but because it didn’t have to be


New episode of the slime anime is by far my fav.



I don’t even remember why I watched it. Back in high school I was just grabbing everything I could.

Many of the characters are psychologically fucked. Definitely should have got their shit straightened out. Perhaps it may have been trying to bring awareness, for some situations, but at the same time somewhat encouraged it with its imagery.


Loses attention


is it worse than moetan?


not my fetish, but am certainly curious to see just how bad it really is


It put my mind to a point that I expected every show featuring a child cast would be pure pedo bait.
Bit the bullet and watched Mitsudomoe, well there may be moments of sexual innuendos, its completely tame and for comedic purpose compared to Kodomo no Jikan.


@TeckMonster thank you sir! :slight_smile: Tbh I have not watched anime actively for maybe 5+ years, and even when I did I wasn’t that active. My friend recommended to start again and now I’m trying to memorize what anime I have watched and update my MAL profile which has been neglected too long. I’ll be lurking here to get some recommendations for what to watch.

My mum used to watch Bold and the Beautiful occasionally. I don’t understand why anyone bothers with that series since Ridge clearly isn’t Ridge anymore.

This. I’ll keep watching at least few more episodes because Goblin Slayer doesn’t feel like regular isekai anime. #plot moments annoy me a little, but, well only 10% of me is annoyed. Rest 90% does not mind ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


If you want to share it, it can help us figure out what to recommend.

In to OP there’s a bunch of our lists. Taking a quick look might help you remember what you’ve seen.


Never seen that one.