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So far I’m halfway through Eromanga Sensei and I’m enjoying it. I do like the Marimite placements (since that’s the best shoujo-ai series in existence… honestly may drive me to start reading…). There were also mentions of Marimite in Lucky Star. Seems to be a bit more popular than I realized (but not popular enough…).


What anime is the last one?


No game no life zero


So…Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World - The Complete Series was suppose to come out on Blu Ray today… but strangely you can’t buy it directly anywhere.


Its in stock on rightstuff.

If you don’t mind a few days for standard shipping.
The price of expedited is not worth it imo.


I didn’t think to look there.


Best description of Yuru Yuri to date

Yuru Yuri, an anime about lesbians who don’t do any lesbian things, ever.


Inaccurate. Chinatsu kisses Akarin and there’s a ton of fantasies, and a couple actions besides that one, like Kyouko looking up the skirt early in the first episode.


Then what’s the point?
“It’s about fish that don’t do any fish things”
If they don’t do lesbian things they’re not lesbians.


CGDCT is the point. Skelterz hates it because it “lacks substance” or whatever… it’s a great show depicting 4 (and later on many more) girls having fun in their daily lives. It’s about the character interactions rather than something deeper.


Being a lesbian is not a requirement for that.


@SoulFallen you drive a Subaru, right?


I do. The pillow is a nice touch


dont think anything that bad other than loli bait lol

imagine sailor moon/whatever transformations mostly girls(looks like) something magical girl

but its lolis, and nudity during transformations


Very fishy

I guess these aren’t fish


saw the OVA… was trash


some butt cleavage and back skin

is ‘highschool’ but even by anime standards looks waay younger lol


Not sure if I should watch Kodomo no Jikan next or something else… not sure what else though… Too much stuff on my ptw list…


Seems like it’s wayy worse…

This one is 3rd grade lol. Rated R-17+ with the “Ecchi” tag.


it’sh called a dakimakura, desu.