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@Skelterz what’s ssss gridman based off of again?


Oh yeah I was at this Japanese sushi restaurant and it had all this music that was kinda meh and I didn’t know but then they played a song and I was like hey I know this song, couldn’t figure out what it was, then I remembered it is secret base from anohana, but like a slightly different version so I didn’t tear up lol.


A 90s tokusatsu, robot/ monster show




SSSS. Gridman


It’s the same name?




Why can’t I find it on MAL?


Its a live action show dummy


Oh shit, that’s dumb, so Rikka is 3D in that one? Disgusting.




Watched the first episode of Goblin Slayer, my reaction to the first episode is as follows:
ok, ohh nice, ooo ominous, Ohh!, OHH god…, OHH FUK, WHAT THE FUK, RUN, no more raping plz, hello there, WHEN DID DOOM SLAYER BECOME AN ANIME CHARACTER HOLLY BALLZ, OHH SHIIIIIIIIIT, Not even the younglings survived, ohh god im not the same man I was before this anime (end of episode)

101/10 would goblin again


After reading your post I thought “ok fine let’s see what’s all the fuss about”.

Now that I watched the first episode I realized your post describes my reaction perfectly. :smiley:


favorite moment was ‘hello there:stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing that kinda bugs me is Goblin Slayer’s voice. Sounds more like he’s wearing some space helmet rather than a medieval helmet.


how they hold torches bothers me more. you dont put it in front of you like a flashlight, that will make it harder to see. you have it above and behind you head at a angle where you will cast shadows down not in front of you, but you also wont be blinded by the light.



progressive plot?

So looking at the list of K-Dramas my parents have burned through, a big chunk of the romance dramas drag out WAY too long before the relationship starts moving anywhere. It is like a trashy shounen harem, it gets nowhere until the publisher/studio tells the author/writer they need to wrap it up.


That’s just a fancy word for soap opera :stuck_out_tongue:


Reminds me that Days of our Lives is still on going, jaysus.
Remember seeing a bit of it when me mum was watching it daily.