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The show needs more Gildarts.


Needs more plot as well


Fucking hell, I’m watching Castlevania season 2… That thing is gorgeous. If you thought the first season was good - the second one is way better…


oh boy…

I too was invested in Hakuno’s story from learning who he is to why he’s fighting, learning more at each stratum. While i agree the ending didn’t cheap out i feel we arrived at the solution to quickly, Hakuno was built up pretty well through the first season so this felt rushed in it’s presentation and acceptance. The choice definitely fit the character but i would have like another episode or two so as to feel like the possibilities were mulled over a bit.

Some nitpicky spoiler stuff

i feel like there was a distinct lack of style in these last three episodes, especially compared to the Alice in Wonderland Stratum and the first appearance of Dead Face. The overuse of the glitch effect to signify the impending collapse of the world felt pretty unimaginative and could have been much better.
Nero always looked glorious so there is that but the bit where Hakuno is flying around and we confirm that he has transcended dead face is supremely lack luster. I think this scene would have been better served as some dramatic slow walking towards the grail. Again when he makes his wish upon the grail it feels very meh with the two of them just floating there.

All in all I absolutely loved this series and Nero is a big part of that. Like how Iskandar really elevated Fate/Zero for me Nero’s actions and personality brought a lot heart to series. If you’re going to bastardize history then it ought to be good, the real Nero’s history is batshit insane and reads like an epic by itself, how it was twisted to make Nero Saber is just perfect IMO.

On the topic of Nero, the episode with her back story is my absolute favorite. I couldn’t find any source but I know it was done by Hajime Ueda his art style is just too distinct to be mistaken for anyone elses.


I still feel it was too short, sure its 8 as opposed to 3 but damn how does Netflix not realize they have a good thing with this.


No, no, it’s fine. I rather they make 8 episodes a season with this quality than do 20 and fuck it up…


Do you mean plot or #PLOT? Cause the latter has increased with each OVA.


twelve would have been fine, my major nitpick with the story is the first season felt like more of an adventure that this one because our protagonists spent the entire fucking show in a basement until D’s castle came to them. I would have preferred them palling around the country side or hitting up some other dungeons as opposed the betrayal plot line we got.


Fairy Girls for the #Plot


Honestly, I don’t mind… I enjoyed it so much I don’t really care :smiley:


Those are manga-only.
But the OVAs are pure, overtuned fanservice as moving pictures.
OVA 9 is just…let’s just say other people would complain. I’m fine with it. But it’s as good at staying within the lines as Michael J Fox doing some coloring.


Fuck ya it has but more #plot is always needed


kinda felt like a couple ovas and now a half season


More #PLOT and it’s going to be R18 ecchi/hentai.


Damn right let’s go





Tig ol bitty Itasha on my favorite drift car in FH4


dat #PLOT