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Holy shit that’s deep,


Basically we’re all NPCs?


If everyone’s the MC, then nobody is.


Trump is the main character of this anime


idk, I’m not really into Hearthstone.


I got this from Japan:

I haven’t taken out the figure yet. Soonish TM.




Ebay from a seller I’ve bought from before.


So i’ve never actually watch ghost in the shell… If I intend to just watch 1 which should i go with? the original rendition or?.. are some sequels to others? which ones are remakes? how does this shit work there’s a billion of them.


Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex and the original anime film. Both are separate but both are good.


I would go with the og movie as much as i enjoyed Stand Alone Complex (the series) the movie is still #1 to me

I haven’t bothered with Arise myself.


If you want to be profoundly confused Innocence is pretty good lol


I still don’t know what to make of it.


The imagery is balls to wall


Remember when Anime was trying to push animation and what was expressed? Those anime still happen but they are not common.



Flip Flappers has some crazy visuals




Alright, guess I’ll watch this one subbed since you guys are talking about it so much.

This also helped to convince me.

I mean it can’t be that bad right… right? lol
Oh, there’s a couple of episodes dubbed already. yay

Welcome @Even747! Looks like you will fit right in here.


I really don’t get the noise about it. The anime is exactly like the manga.
The person who wrote this sounds exactly like all the other triggered snowflakes. The rating of 9 is confusing though, as this doesn’t read like satire.
No, it’s not some generic fantasy isekai happy go lucky anime with an overpowered and annoying MC with a harem.


tbh looking back at the first episode, it really relies on the shock factor to keep people in, we dont know much about the first introduced character other than the fact that shes not ready to fight, Goblin slayer seems to be just bland and good at killing, and only at the end do we get a small explanation to their world.

on the other hand the lack of info does leave a lot to be filled in for future episodes, but theres no major plot point thing that makes me want to keep watching (SAO and finishing the game, Steinsgate and finding the perfect timeline, Erased and finding the killer, etc)

I should rephrase my old statement:
Shock factor 101/10 would goblin again
plot quality 5/10
Animation style 6.5/10