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The first few episodes were solid but the few annoying things kept piling up until it was barely mediocre.

The idea is pretty good but OP cunt Kirito is annoying af and the fantasy setting got more and more generic and boring.



I thought the first arc in season 1 was really good, everything else was dog shit.


Btw I don’t think I ever saw the final product with your case


Aincrad was okay (had its good parts and less good ones).
Fairy Dance was crap and while the story was good in Phantom Bullet, I can’t stand online shooter.

Very Pink


I don’t know I thought SAO abridged was pretty good.


This one is legendary


Felix fanboy


what’s ironic is I love this abridged series… I’ve never watched the anime.


And you call yourself cultured /s


you underestimate me.


Damn weebs



9.9/10 plot


of course. I am a man of culture. kek


Would’ve been 10 if it was a catgirl amirite


nah. that’s for normies.


foxgirl >catgirl


Still watching Fairy Tail. Almost finished S1, although, I did jump through some episodes that just stretched out the story.