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Goblin slayer is good, but it is annoying. Like you’ll have some really good episodes, then some really boring episodes that really have nothing to do with goblin slayer or the story. Today’s episode was one of those sadly, but at least next episode looks like it’s gonna be a good one.


Just ordered the first three volumes of Dead Dead Demon’s DEDEDEDEDESTRUCTION


Just go read the Mango and enjoy the story to its fullest.


New episode of SAO was dog shit, SAO is like Assassin’s Creed, nobody cares what’s going on outside of the animus, in SAO’s case what’s going on outside of the game. Like if they have some sort of rescue shit they should do it as like a quick flashback explaining how Kirito was rescued.


And that’s why i only care about lolis with submachine guns

Lets not forget the og series introduced fucking super aids!


You? Lmao jk what you mean by this though?

Also ngl SAO with Guns is trash, I didn’t like the action in GGO alternative at all, the only reason it got a 7 from me was because the story was somewhat interesting and the Loli with P-chan.


all SAO is trash.

Change my mind.


The Mother’s Rosary arc one of the characters has super aids


I’ve only seen the first seasn of SAO and GGO Alternative. Is that arc in either of them?


That is sooo good. deserves so many more likes. Haha

Redgek is the red-ish haired cat girl BTW.


Yeh but if we start posting lewds we will scare new people away.


Its at the end of season 2


Then the anime lounge will be super dead.


There is no anime lounge. Also lewds are against the forum rules.


End Series


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@Reformed_JoelBanks Crunchyroll finally gave this to me.
Here is your Guest pass, now go get the html5 extension and see whether you like it not.
48hours of premium after redemption.

Not my fault if someone else redeems lol


Im pretty excited to get these in