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Ah, hidive from a browser

Vrv hasn’t improved at all

I only have the CR app to see whats updated


I know the process. My thing is, Sony acquired Funimation and promised faster Simuldubs. I’m not so confident in Sony doing anything quick considering they’ve been historically slow with updating a lot of things


I would prefer simuldubbing go away, there are enough low quality dubs as it is and faster dubbing is counter productive


I don’t mind it if it were an episode behind. But there were times where it were like 3 or 4 episodes behind.

The high School DxD Simuldub finished a month and some change after the simulcast did on Crunchyroll.

If they can do it in a timely manner fine. If not I’d rather they stop and just take it slow and release the entire dub 2 or 3 months later


Zombieland Saga is far more enjoyable than it has any right to be… By all accounts it shouldn’t work and should be awful, but it does work and it’s not awful.







Finished Fate Stay Extra.

Non Spoiler Thoughts on the series as a whole:
It is a solid Fate Series. Nero is the best saber ever. The main character has a solid progression and I was invested in him. I’m glad the last episode didn’t cheap out. The ending after the credits of the final episode did make me go “Wait a minute…” but not in a bad way. Overall I enjoyed the series.


I look forward to wrapping that up this weekend.


Watched 3 episodes of it. It’s ridiculous xD But oh god that CG…


When you finish it. Let me know.


I got new phone backgrounds


What’s the soundtrack song at the beginning of episode 22 in assassination classroom?


This one?

Also OST is great.


NGL episode 22 of assassination classroom is doodoo. Like he fucking clapped, this nibba clapped and this other bitch bent over. Like the fuck??? I was expecting something cool and assassin like or some shit, but nope this negus clapped. These Japanese morons takin american slang literally, getting clapped don’t mean being clapped it means getting clapped. Got it?


Damn, cant seem to find the music before the intro song.
Odd. The snippet of music is really prominent in the series though.