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Hes actually watching?
Thought he said it was too much of a bother.
:pray: Godbless though.


his radar doesn’t even know what’s on it…


Oh, I misunderstood you then. He isn’t going to watch Clannad still and won’t explain how it is grindy.


Thanks Captain spoiler


He should just buy the VN and look up a guide and read through it.


The time to consume the anime is less time than the VN. Even with a guide.

I honestly tried not to by keeping as vague as i can…


Well was think he could skip most of the dialogue that occurs in every arc and just gloss over the key parts.


i think it’d be funnier if he saw emotion and connections as a weakness and picked none of them. shows kinda dark and turning the harem on its head would be interesting. grils~“hey i like you” slayer-“fuck off im busy killing goblins”. just a bit of comedy will make the darker aspects have more depth and help with character interactions and a bit of backstory in a way that isnt “cafe exposition”


There is definitely no romance in Goblin slayer, my comment was on the Bunny Girl show which is like a mix of Bakemonogatari and SNAFU!

Funny enough Araragi (Bakemonogatari) does consider connections a weakness, saying friends would “lower his integrity as a human” (lol)



Which anime?


When I first started watching anime I knew exactly what I wanted, romance, SoL, and drama, then a little while later I went through most of that and got into action/adventure and whatnot that kinda stuff. But now I’ve gone through most of the good stuff so I just watch whatever to see if it is able to grab and hold my attention. Once you’ve gone through all the good anime that is all you can ask for from each season, that there is at least 1 anime that will grab and hold your attention.


You’ve completed roughly 150-170 anime yet you continue to say things like “most” or “all”… looks over at Zealon’s list

I think you’re just too picky honestly.


Once you’ve seen Eromanga-sensei then there’s only worse anime out there. Might as well quit it.


Wait, united states of smash vs vibranium. Need I say more


Quiet you vile heretic


Fine, adamantium


WOAH, what is this anime? Cuteness overload!




I honestly can’t tell if you are being serious or not at this point of knowing you.