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Because he thinks he has superpowers and wants to beat up thugs.
How is that not stupid?

You’re right. In fact, the curse is the only thing that saves him when he screws up.


It still worked out for him didn’t it.


The high ground always wins, time to teach anime characters a lesson.


Cause he’s the MC, unlike those 3 dipshits in Goblin Slayer.


I think I’ve got five to watch this season.

  • SAO
  • Slime
  • Bunny girl one
  • Yuri one
  • Magic romance one that looks gorgeous


That is the point… The rookies underestimated the goblins thinking it’d be some easy shit until reality struck’em, and it struck’em hard that two are dead and one is scarred for life.



This video is packed with so much anime culture.


Damn, didn’t think the animation looked this good

@Skelterz damn, I am fairly drawn in by the bunny girl anime. diggin it so far.


Same, i hope it doesn’t become some sort of harem situation where the mc helps all the girls and they subsequently want to bone him.


I don’t feel like that will work with his personality. He doesn’t really seem to care with interacting with any more people than he already does.
Only the first episode so we will see his character flesh out some more hopefully.


If it just sticks with the one girl i think it will be good


Yeah, maybe they can solve each other issues or at least find a conclusion.


I really don’t see this happening. Seems due to the nature of the syndrome it’s pretty taboo, which isn’t exactly conducive to formation of a harem.

From the synopsis that’s what it appears


All he really needs is his imouto-chan.


You never know, its first episode has a similar feel to SNAFU!


Another Manga I want to sink money into…


Ehh, so I haven’t read the LN, but the manga doesn’t seem to head in the harem direction.


Well, looks like its off of Joel’s Radar.


Clannad isn’t on his radar.