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Just poking some fun at you but this one


Yeah the MAL description for that was pretty trash so I wasn’t gonna watch it but I gave the first episode a try after watching a review on it and decided to try it and it was good. I’m really liking it.


that circa 2009 runescape thumbnail tho.


Seems like SSSS gridman is similar to darling in the franx in terms of how it uses mecha, I’m glad I’ve gotten through half the first episode without seeing one. I also like the big godzilla in the background, grew up watching godzilla movies that shit was the bomb.


The cover and description is so misleading but damn… Bunny Senpai is fucking good. Just finished Ep2 and it’s ticking all of the right boxes for me.

Already calling it! Bunny Senpai is anime of Fall 2018!


Not gonna lie but the cover is the only reason I even bothered to read the description in the first place lmao, even if it was slightly misleading and only depicts what happens in the first episode I wouldn’t have even looked at the review of the first episode and started watching it.


Wanted something with some plot, huh?


Hmm, looks interesting. Guess I’ll give it a try.


Nah, my brain when it sees shit like that is like I need to know more. lmao


Yeah I added it to my ptw list, honestly though my ptw list is more like a “looks interesting but probs never gonna watch it” list. lmao


I’m telling myself “no don’t do it, you’ll regret it, it will be a waste of your time, DON’T FUCKING DO IT!”

Guess what I just did it




It was bad, cringy at times, and had some moments that were actually funny, but for the most part the only reason I laughed was because this was so dumb and stupid I couldn’t help it.

It’s definitely missing the ecchi tag on MAL


Man. I’m loving the steampunk theme in Princess Principal. Also love the song in the OP.


Alright fine I will watch this tomorrow lol. This will be one of the few anime that make it the ptw list that has finished airing.


I’ve only watched to episode 3 (ran out of dubs), but I think I’m going to like it for more then just it’s steampunk… even if I’m not a fan of the story I’ll probably finish it because dat pretty unique styling.


Check out SSSS. Gridman, funi is simul-dubbing




neva seen yet but looks cool atleast


@Skelterz Damn, I got a bad gut feeling about the conclusion of Bunny Girl.
Just speculation.

In the beginning, it shows a scene from episode 2, immediately it shows the Date May 29.
They had gone to Ogaki on the night of May 25th.
Either this is alluding to middle of the story and there is a slight bump in the road, or its the conclusion of the show.
I feel that it could go either way, him completely forgetting her and leaving the story as it is or his desire to help her eventually leads to him helping her gain her existence.

I had a bad feeling that the mother was not going to know of Mai’s existence.

I don’t get it but somewhat interesting so far