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freshly applied.




Too bad FranXX was a shit show, SSSS. Gridman is looking good though.


I still haven’t finished it lol, I really need to. I stopped after the 19th episode came out for no reason and want to finish it but haven’t gotten around to it.

idc how bad its ending was, zero two will always be #1 in my heart


I hadn’t noticed there was a new trigger show this season. Hopefully it doesnt suck like the last one.


Well A1 won’t have anything to do with it, from what i gathered from the FranXX panel Trigger just wrote FranXX for A1 and that was the end on their involvement.


A1s the studio that makes the FotM anime for normies right? or is that someone else?


Not everything they do is bad, i like quite a lot of their series




Oh, wow. They have some masterpieces in there mixed with some completely garbage looking shows (judging off their covers).
I should really pay more attention to studios.


Finally a Dating Sim for the REAL ME!!!


A helicopter cresting the tree line blasting Flight of the Valkyries is the ultimate notice me senpai!


I wonder if there is an attack helicopter manga like that fish one.


If they were lucky. Imagine being alive after getting gang-raped by goblins and watching your friends die.

It shows that - while usually being portrayed and treated as easy to kill creatures in RPGs and fantasy worlds - goblins are a serious threat and that too much ego, too little preparation, underestemating things, can lead to your death.
Their strength is numbers, not individuals.

Powerless in the face of another mortal enemy, not some curse. Those are different situations.


Just finished Grand Blue
Honestly though. Damn good show to watch.
Also the OP is really addictive, its great.


The OP is the embodiment of summer. Like you can feel the sun and smell the ocean and feel the sand on your feet while listening to it. It’s my favorite op of all time for sure


Theh died stupid deaths because their actions were stupid, not because their deaths were stupid idc how they died what happened was they died, what matters is why they died, they died because they made completely stupid decisions. In re zero he isn’t powerless because of a curse he’s powerless because he can’t do shit, he has to rely on other people to do everything for him. Like take the first thing in re zero and compare it to this, in re zero he gets jumped in an alley and the only thing that works out for him is calling for help in the end.