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i know nobody cares but i rolled 2 enterprise in one day and i had to share it with someone


SSSS. Gridman, completely bonkers, i also like the character designs. Already looks more promising than FranXX.


Holy crap I heard rumors about this, but I never actually thought it would happen. I’m fraggen stoked!

Oh, it sounds like it’s going to be current with the other series, so that’s a little disappointing to me. Guess I would have liked to see how he developed into the… well interesting character he is.


WTF, I hope they’re not just cranking these out as fast as they can to make a quick buck.


omg yas


The accelerator one I don’t know, but the manga for railgun is still on going.


Rumors are that Netflix got Index for NA distribution, like wtf how did CR not get it?


netflix has the big bucks and crunchyroll does not and i dont think they want to spend a lot of money on anything really


Spent it all on High Guardian Spice

So does Netflix simulcast everywhere but NA now? I known they did it for Violet Evergarden


Interesting I would have thought it would be Funimation again


No info yet on senpai moe


@Novasty has Netflix simulcast any other series besides VE?


I just spent a little bit of time searching and I can’t find anything on it. Crazy.

I wonder why it seems to be so hush-hush.




The links lead to Netflix’s “Page not found” page.


What game is that?


Looks like Azure Lane

Holy fuck @nuke, is that an Arizona-chan on the far right?


I saw those. I assumed they were for Japan since the link had jp in it.


Lol I already got that one, I have 5 anime games. One is trash and I have no idea why I keep it. 2 of them I downloaded a long time ago and still haven’t played, and the other one that isn’t azur lane I played once and liked it but haven’t touched it since. Lol I don’t play mobile games odten To begin with is my problem, like the only time I play it is when I’m bored in public and since I’m in public I ain’t playing no weeabu games lmao. I only play hearthstone and clash Royale on my phone to kill time.


@Skelterz Some doujinshi music for ya.
I wouldn’t call it Madoka style because I swear it was used somewhere before the Madoka acid trip became a thing, I just can’t remember.


Idk why I found the synopsis funny but I did, “another shin appeared”. Lol

There should be an anime with a bunch of characters with the same name, it would be the most confusing anime ever but that’s the point lmao.