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yes? :thinking:


I find it hilarious because the wreckage of the uss Arizona serves as the memorial for pearl harbor so many Americans might REEEE at it being turned into an anime girl.


there’s a lot of references to history with their personalities and what they might say in reference to it

the story also takes the side of the us

ive never learnt so much from ww2 than from this game tbh


read about some of the ships and their history because of it somehow makes me appreciate the game more


I’m a weird person who reads all kinds of shit about history, that and wiki pages for games/anime/universes(eg star wars universe) for like lore and whatnot are about the only long things I read.

I remember when I first started high school a while ago I spent an entire week of my free time reading an ass load of shit about feudal Japan.


slime epsidoe 2 is awesome. I hope this one get’s more seasons.


It’s already got 24 episodes this season


Real shit? damn that’s awesome


Yup, basically 2 seasons for the price of one


Nice, glad to hear it


They fixed the MAL listing for Goblin Slayer to show an R 17+ rating which is much more appropriate than the PG-13 it had lol.

Slime anime is definitely looking to be pretty good after the second episode.


Second episode was pretty good, but I’m confused as to what happened to the dragon. I thought he was put away somewhere inside the slime but then the slime starts talking like the dragon is somewhere else.


The newest episode of attack on titan was pretty good, it kinda explained some stuff from season 1, wasn’t necessarily important but interesting nonetheless.


Eh, it just seemed to fill the purpose of motivating Eren and get him to stop being a little bitch. Suddenly everything is ok because his mother thought he was cute, what a fucking revelation! What happened to his drive to see the world outside the walls?


And ho-ly shit. Goblin Slayer really isn’t for a sensitive audience. The manga’s pretty graphical already but seeing those scenes in motion…fuck. The despair when they realize they’re powerless…heavy stuff.
It’s amazing. The last time an anime made me feel something this intense was Made in Abyss. It’s grim, dark, violent, just great. I fucking love it!


That maid show is pretty good


Goblin slayer was kinda meh for the first episode, they died stupid deaths because they did stupid things that even the dumbest of people irl would never do or have knowledge to know not to do it or what to do. Normally when people do stupid things that are so obvious that kinda ruins what they were trying to do imo, which was make them seem powerless in this case. It certainly did make them seem powerless but their stupidity was so bad that I couldn’t care less. Like if you want to make someone seem powerless take notes from re zero, like he was fairly dumb, but it was still believable, like a decent amount of people are that dumb irl, but he wasn’t so dumb that it just felt frustrating to watch.


Those weren’t even the main characters, the point is to show goblins aren’t to be taken lightly like those adventurers did.


Even if it did get that point across, that was still boring and irritating to watch.


Your standard of the average human being is to high.
The rookies in that scenario were already showing signs of the dunning-Kruger effect before they entered the cave. You also can’t expect people to be that perceptive of goblins based on what they saw as the stereotype.