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Tokyo Ghoul spoilers the final battle before Re goes pretty much like the anime but Kaneki is injured going through the tunnels where he finds his human friend that he eats in a daze, the he comes too follows the path everyone was supposed to escape through only find them wiped out by Arima (the white haired dove) Kaneki then proceeds to get fucking rekt and presumably killed.

Thats when Re starts with Kaneki going by Hiase Sasaki and is nowna dove.


Damn, buddy and I are getting all excited about the prices of flights to Japan, Vietnam, Philippines.
Japan trip may be more in reach than we thought.


It’s actually pretty reasonable. Friend made a whole document/log on his trip.

Here’s a snippet of the prices for a 2 week trip. He went with 4 others, but I think this breakdown is for just 1 individual.


He also has a rather extensive list of places/restaurants he’s visited with ratings and a short review for each


Yeah, I am mostly surprised at the cost of flights. I am pretty sure I paid around $900 for a round trip to Hawaii back in 2014 now its only around $400.

I would definitely need some guidance for the trip.
I wouldn’t have the slightest clue what to do tbh.
Nothing in mind so far but would like to take a trip at some point in the next 5 years.


Oh ya I was surpirsed how cheap you can eat, and it’s so delicious! And the cost of life is not that bad, except maybe for housing. Plus the trains are cheap (compared to Canada) and are so fun to use and extensive.

Like compared to Beirut where the cost of live is pretty much the same as Canada, sometime more expensive, with much lower PIB/inhabitant.


I can answer any question if you need.


That seams about the right price I went back in January of 2016 with 3 others and it came out to about that price for 2 weeks per person we stayed in Osaka and Kyoto.


So stuff in the manga wasn’t shown is what you’re saying or stuff in the manga was changed in the anime?


The anime made huge deviations from the manga iirc. I’d have to ask my brother or read up on it to find out.


As @Novasty said √A made huge deviations
Tokyo Ghoul spoilers in the manga Kaneki never joins aogiri tree, he does leave Anteiku but to start his own group, GOAT, to prtoect ghouls in a more proactive way ie hunting ghouls that cause problems.
And there is the final fight that i described earlier.


OK, so RE goes back on track with the manga though in that he becomes a dove or some shit?


As far as I can tell yes


RE isn’t really making much sense. kinda a turn off. not sure if I will finish it now.

Just read the RE spoilers for kaneki. Sounds really stupid tbh probably gonna drop it, I will watch a few more episodes first I guess. ok well I guess the spoilers got revealed in the second episode so I didn’t have to even read them. whatever

I hate it when shit like this in anime happens, it makes me want to go hjklsdhuiogfdhoiuwenjfgehsdhfgnweskjveiduofne3 ,jfhsdeiulovnweskrl.tnipweo nlwek fiouwesdfnvlk.sedngiu3eowfhn
Like jesus wtf

If I do end up finishing this it’s gonna be a slow burn

ngl the third season of tokyo ghoul has ruined my sunday, but a sour taste in my mouth and now I really don’t feel like doing much. Today is just going to be me browsing through my games and anime list trying to decide what to do until there is no more time left in my day to do anything. feelsbadman


I like Re, we get to see the other side of the conflict, the doves, Madou was the face of the doves in TG and he was pretty twisted even losing his wife to the ghouls doesn’t make him a sympathetic character.

Re is basically telling the story over again from TG but once you get both sides it moves on to the closure of the series. Where it is weakest is its middle both for Re and TG it muddles around a bit before getting back to business.


Too much swapping sides and memory loss is always kinda bad imo especially since they put it in the middle of the series, I can bare it when it is like golden time and is put in place at the beginning of the story but when it is just kinda randomly thrown out there in the middle of the series I feel like they could’ve done something else that would’ve been better to achieve what they were trying to achieve with the memory loss. It feels like they built up all these characters and their relationships only to throw them away so they could do a memory loss part. Also doesn’t really do good at explaining what happened to the 2 people from anteiku that kaneki saved during the fight.

Rn I see this series going 1 of 2 ways for me, either I watch it very slowly until it ends or I read the wiki since the manga is finished and I can get the ending that way quick and easy.


It doesn’t really dwell on the memory thing until it needs to


That’s not what I meant, I meant like he isn’t the same character anymore, he may as well be a different character. That’s why I say it is really only good at the beginning because throughout the course of the show they stay the same character until they regain their memory but they’re still the same person pretty much whereas with this kaneki is not kaneki anymore so it’s like this whole season and even after this he won’t be kaneki anymore.


Thats kind of the point, who would read Re without Kaneki?


You’re thinking of when a character changes and becomes different from what they started as which is certainly needed, but I’m talking about him being a completely different character now, he hasn’t changed or learned anything now he is just someone else he even has a different name and character profile on MAL.


Its like how Kaneki was human and became a ghoul, now he’s gone from ghoul to dove.