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What show?


Yuru Camp



Idk why but on insta there was this one video that would keep popping up when I was on explore and it was some weird shit for fixing your posture and had this really fucking weird animation. I don’t get it anymore thankfully I didn’t want anybody seeing that weird ad on my phone. I don’t even have bad posture I’m pretty good with that shit. Also, a little off topic but I hate the new insta, it is now no different from youtube and wastes so much of your time with having videos automatically play and once you full screen it it just keeps playing videos one after another so you keep watching. I miss the old insta where I could easily stop when I wanted.


The despair


wtf you watching?


Hopping between old and newer MMD videos and curious at how much things have changed and how much more effort people put into MMDs now-a-days on the MMD cup videos. A lot of the newer shit requires less effort but a somewhat decent machine to render.

The ones where people go all out usually involves extra software for special effects or blender.

So the image is from this:

A 2nd part if you are curious

The two i linked takes quite a bit of time to do.

Ones that take less time is something like this:

But there is some time that went into the fine tuning of the character dancing to prevent weird animation glitches from happening as models sometimes have different height or build.
Then if they wanted to, camera work:

These have a more considerable amount of effort and other tools put into them than just the base dance animation tool

For this comet honeymoon one, you can tell which users just downloaded a model they liked and loaded in the movement file without any fine tuning by seeing the initial 10 seconds, the ankle looks realy fucked up in teh no effort ones.

This one is just fun:


Wait so the tokyo ghoul manga is finished? Does that mean the whole story is finished now and the anime has all the source material it needs for an actual ending?





I’ve never read or watched Tokyo Ghoul, how many chapters did they stick into the current set of 24?
I see 144+179 for the manga series.

Nvm, I see they crammed all 144 for the first 2 seasons.


They really fucked up √A, hopefully Re will stay true to the manga


Yeah, i won’t be watching the new SAO


Haven’t watched it yet, did he even get stabbed yet?


you mean with the needle shit? yes


I thought it was decent until the last half of the anteiku fight. I hated the ending, I believe I remember people saying re picks up a while after that shit so wtf? Does that shit ever get shown to us or how everything that happened from there is “A wizard did it”?

I liked it most during the first 9 episodes of season 1, once the ccg raid on aogori tree at the mall place during the last 3 episodes of season 1 there was a big tone change in the series and I preferred the tone from before the change. I feel like season 1 was an 8 and everything from then on is going to max out at a 7 just because of this.