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Is this because he shits on Sword Art Online every chance he gets?


just finished the last episode of Steins;gate 0… im not crying, I have a big smile on my face. That ending was fantastic!


I’m fine with the shitting on SAO. The majority of it was trash.


I’ve no idea WTF you’re talking about @Reformed_JoelBanks. I thought the first episode of Goblin Slayer was an excellent exposition for the show, and I fail to see how it’s boring.


Have you seen the video? He doesn’t say anything that isn’t obvious just tells people they can drop a series in the first episode. It’s not fool proof but how many times have you hated a first episode and came to love the series? It only happened once to me and that was A little sister is all you need.


literally 0


Just finished the first episode of sword art online alicization. I have no idea what is going on or half the shit they’re talking about. I liked the first half of the episode but the second half was just talking about pointless shit and shit in the other seasons I have not watched so I don’t get it.


Was it all café exposition?


the last half yes

the first half was shit actually going on in what I’m assuming is the world that he is going to get stuck in or some shit.


Overall I liked Stein;gate 0. Fits nicely with the original. Good pacing. Solid story. Good soundtrack.


Damn. I fucked up my navigation and end up using a bike route for 10 minutes ooof.
Getting so snacks for my nephew and I.


I really like Railgun S, but I don’t remember anything off the top of my head about the first Railgun season.


I know there were clones of her but that is about it…


Fuuuck. The movie was too good. Fuck yeah man!
Missed the first few minutes because food line was too long.


Love the Little Sister’s arc, it also has a sort of redemption story for Accelerator


Misaka Misaka?


Yeah, it plucks those feels strings


I still love this damn song


So the Bunny Girl show feels like this odd mix Bakemonogatari and SNAFU!, Ill see how it plays out.