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Genesis of Aquarion is pretty generic, preferably I would rather you be able to know the characters and skim the rest, watch the end in detail. The fun starts in EVOL.

Also one more thing: Everything about No Game No Life Episode 6’s wholesomeness applies for the entirety of Aquarion.

Plausible spoilers?
@Skelterz A donut loving loli exist in Aquarion EVOL!



inb4 ban for gifs that aint even memes

idk meng you want some girly shiz

shattered angels
steel angel kurumi
eureka seven


Some great underrated shows right there with Astro Boy being one of my favorites.




Another anime to stick to your watch list if you haven’t seen it.

If you have seen it, 12 minutes in on Ep 6


Making a simple 2D game engine in pure C. Here’s the test of textures:

Post your coding projects

Is that available on github?


Not yet, and it probably will be on bitbucket. Since this is where the private repo is now. I will release it later, tho. I license each source file under MIT so there’s that.

Also I could make a mirror on github later.

It’s nothing much atm anyways. Just bunch of boilerplate and tests.


Not really impressed with VRV, the site looks good but the player lacks basic functionality like a next episode button and the page doesn’t even have a way to report a problem, I had to dig through the FAQ to even find a contact link.


Added this anime to my PTW list a while ago and decided to just now give it a shot, it has a nice story I think so far, but it isn’t so much ecchi as it is hentai. Like too much hentai ish stuff goin on, why couldn’t it have been a normal ecchi. Like boob squeezing is normal even for anime that isn’t ecchi but it is done for comedic effect, not so much in this anime though.


Good to know I just signed up for the free trial.


I don’t know why they would launch this html5 player that lacks the features of the old flash player


Probably because the amount of people that actually have flash is declining AFAIK. Most browser don’t even ship with it.


I have not had a chance to use it yet so I’m not sure what I should expect. I should be writing my 1 year Linux challenge blog.
but alas i am to busy reading the dictionary for this thread.


If you have any questions feel free to ask lol


So far just one and I mean no offense to anyone but why do all you have girl profile pics?


We’re pathetic individuals


Just to clarify, mine is a dude. Putting a high-school anime girl is not yet in my powers as my weebness level is too low.


Soon young one


Ahh, so I should strive to be there. In time…