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Joking aside I did it to annoy people at first but the more i got into anime the more anime characters I would want as my avatar, I tend to like strong female characters so that’s usually what my avatar will be. My last one was a pseudo Nazi magical girl.


Softcore, I’d say it is an anime worth watching for the fun over the plot…

I’d take that anime over Bikini Warriors or 7-Sins (Non-shonen version)

Did you know the author of Hagure Yuusha also wrote Shin Maou Testament.


Picked up some more manga

I did not realize Frau Faust was by Kore Yamazaki (Ancient Magus Bride) but looking at the artwork it shows.


dis reminds me of something oh ye

inb4 its just a torso+head swap


Because girls are so much superior to boy in every aspect. Why have cardboard when you can have a goddess.


Supposedly getting Goblin Slayer Vol 2 tomorrow @TheDiddilyHorror, been difficult not to Yaaarrrgghhh


inb4 why have 3D when you could have 2D.



Mine’s still not being shipped.
But I’m supposed to get So I’m a Spider, so what? soon.

Been jumping from manga to manga, nothing really consistent.
But still pissed the Barakamon manga is so expensive. Grabbed Vol.7 today cause it went down ~2€. But I also had to get Vol.6 which is the most expensive of them at ~15€ (and the reason why I haven’t ordered any of them in a while).
Fuck prices for Japanese media.


So much heresy.


You’re just a filthy heathen


Almost done watching Fate Stay Night. I should finish by Thursday.


And then UBW and Zero?


I’ve actually already seen Zero. I’ll watch UBW after I finish finish night.


4500 episodes of anime watched for me. So many anime



Wow, you have me soundly beat on episode count despite my “total entries”.


The difference in the total entries though. #Onepiece


lol Puu’s reaction is great, demon tournament is the best arc by the way.

Nice to hit that milestone
It’s quite a bit of time spent once you hit the 10,000+ episode mark



I’ve been beat… But keep in mind over half of my total entries are in the plan to watch category.