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or maybe you’re just slow


Maybe, but the reasons still stay the same if that is the case.


If you want to continue to consume anime at the rate you do you’ll have to go outside of your comfort zone plain and simple.


I’ve been slowing way tf down recently tbh since december


Go watch Key’s Holy Trinity.
It fully sits within your definition of “deep”.
No mecha, to bad.




if you wonder

ya absolutely, They are classics


Oh my fuck there’s a gundam game coming to PC based around Gunpla @Skelterz


Gundam Build Fighters the PC Game!?


I watched 16 episodes of clannad with @TeckMonster but I couldn’t seem to finish it. Idk it just seems a little too grindy and slow.

Haven’t heard of the other 2


Appears so. I’m hyped.
I haven’t played a gundam game since PS2 was a thing.


You heartless piece of …


how could you, you have no heart!


What a god damn let down, only good Gundam game was on PS2

Give me 008th MS team the game!


You’ve asked me about Air before, and I’m 80% sure I’ve recommended Kanon before.

Edit: Yup. Kanon was one of the very first anime I recommended to you.


Lol, I completely forgot about that then. Guess I wasn’t interested enough


What’re you makin me watch?


Jumped onto Funimation because I want to watch Full Metal Panic but dubbed because I’m building Gunpla.


One of the cheesiest anime’s I’ve ever watched. Also one of the most entertaining ones.

Also Aquarion connects pretty well into EVOL. I actually marathoned Genesis of Aquarion when I was 1/2 way done EVOL…


I’m 2 episodes in and they’ve managed to make me hate all the characters, feel like the story is bland, and confused tf out of me with that long ornage haired dude and that 4 eyed chick and that other person cus IDK wtf is going on with them.