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besides some continuing series I’m just watching Harukana Receive for the Plot and Asobi Asobase for the WTF. Not going to revisit any of this just passing some time.


sooo… I watched the first 10 episodes of My Hero Academia … I was not expecting to fall in love with that anime so quickly, the art style reminds me of Jetset radio at times, the humor of background characters that play out along with the normal discussion kills me at times, and the music; GOD the music is fantastic! like BOI why didnt I watch this sooner!


It was like two episodes and i got hooked. I wish more shonen trash could be as good as it but no we get Black Clover


not gonna lie, MHA hit my heart really hard! I was the runt that was always looked down on when I was very young in public school, once I got into highschool I was acing classes and people who hated me before started hating even more because I was better than them. its soo eerie how I related to its first few episodes. This is my favorite scene so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Jaysus, finally broke the seal on my Devil Homura and set it up.
I don’t think I want to leave it out for very long. Dust will envelop her within 2 days.

Also got a poster frame for my Cells at work poster I got with the purchase.
The print quality of the poster is really fucking good.
Will hang them on the wall eventually.


need a new glass case?


Was looking at a few but probably going to hold off for a good while. Room is kind of congested atm.


too many statues?


Nah, got my huge ass desk 76" by 30", Queen bed, Small desk 36" by 20", small shelf honestly half the room is taken up.

Kind of wish I had a day bed futon that folded out into a queen, would be great for couch gaming.
Room is only 12 foot by 15 foot IIRC.


why 2 desks?

i just have the weird small one i made lol


Wanted more table space for crap lol. Originally bought it for my TV to sit on but bought a wall mount some time later.
Oh yeah, drawers are stuffed in the closet lol. If not, they would definitely be in taking up more space in the room.

Honestly, I should try to redo the finish on this desk, sell it for a hundred or so and build another one that isn’t 30 inches deep lol. My buddies corner desk came out nice, got a really good finish with the polyurethane.
About 8 coats with sanding from 200>400>600>800 then put down the next coat.
I could have spent more time adding about 6 or 7 more coats but by that time I was already tired of working on it in the hot summer heat.


< went yamizaki style got shelfs lol along a whole wall, freeded up pretty good amount of space actually/can have bunch random shit


Late spoider comment

I am life




So, what is it? Russia or Straya?


Sorry that I haven’t been active on here since I stopped being a neet >.>

Anyways I bought the figure set that I mentioned that I was going to

It will prob take forever to get here lel but I’ll get it at some point.


This summer season is entirely forgettable so activity here is down overall.


Idk… I’ve been enjoying the hell out of high score girl. There are a couple others that are pretty good but that’s the only real standout imo.


I’ll wait till it’s on Netflix, i have heard it’s quite good.


He says as he gets drunk and strips.

This season of overlord is easily the best though.


It’s middling, there were a few good moments but the overall story is still very much meh.