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Quality wall scroll bought in Japan is good. Especially that life-size wall scroll of Shiki in kimono. It was so beautiful (and expensive).


Why buy those, when you can buy the kawaii voice actresses on the black market.


Just got some new goodies in from RightStuf. I’ve been enjoying The Rose of Versailles quite a bit and I’ll probably start reading some of the manga tonight. The Devilman OVA was interesting, I’ve really only seen short clips of it before so this was cool to actually watch it entirely. Also the dub will definitely incur the REEEEEEEE. Have not gone through Night Raid 1931, but seems decent from the clips I saw.

I don’t have much on these first couple of bookshelves yet and plan to get another four bookcases so I can fill this entire corner and section of wallspace. There is space on the shelves at the moment for all of the stuff coming out in October and during the Christmas sales.


There’s not really any reason for the order of things at the moment on the shelf and I don’t think I can be bothered to alphabetize it, just put it up there where it fits.
The first four pictures are of the first bookshelf from top to bottom that is holding my manga and I will add more next to it in the coming months once more stuff comes in and I put together more bookcases.
The last picture is from the second bookshelf and will hold all of my anime.







God that website looks awful :face_vomiting:
Huh, must have been stuck in mobile, saw the URL change when going to home.


HOLY FUCKING SHIT I CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER WEEK FOR A NEW OVERLORD EPISODE, this episode was so god damn good and sets up the next so well. So god damn hyped for the battle in next episode. I seriously can’t wait another week for it though I want it now.


Patience will save you from disappointment. Just keep yourself busy with other hobbies or work.


I didn’t really like this song at first, but it has grown on me.


why are they not taking their clothes off while drinking and dating their cousins? this is the worst anime ever.


Is there an anime about the US south that i dont know about?



My buddy who is a hardcore WWE/WWF fan agrees. 100% redneck anime confirmed.


Oh yeah, the Asobi Asobase cd is amazing


I still listen to the ending song you posted a while back for it for laughs.


The full version is even better

Damn this is the sweetest cover

And then there is this


I want an anime with Loli’s going hard like in that screamo ending. I fucking need one like that it would be hilarious


have you not seen Asobi Asobase?


They actually talk in that voice often?


I’m watching precisely zero series this season.

They’re all so underwhelming.