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I was watching Overlord, but this season there’s just a whole lot of nothing happening.

Grand Blue is fun, but it’s so close to the manga that I just read it.


Wait you actually dummy?

So much is happening in this season I have no idea what you’re talking about. If you mean there’s not a lot of Ainz, you dum dum cus Ainz isn’t really the focus of most of the episodes.

I will say no lizard sexi sex is a major let down


Its adding too many characters and story lines, itll take another season or two for all this crap to converge. This season and the last are all build up with little to no pay off.


I think you’re behind a few episodes, watch all the way up to the current one and tell me that again. Lol


Im current


I echo @Skelterz sentiment, the series just keeps piling on more and more without coming to a meaningful resolution for any of it.



Sigh… Why must all anime games look like garbage. They take anime looking characters and drop them in a map that’s supposed to look real-ish.
And when they do that you get this shit
I want an anime girl in an anime environment.

Just using SAO as an example. So far all anime game have been the same way.


I can confirm this is 100% true


They really should go the full cel shading route. It would have to be done right but that would be the best for any game based on an anime.


Aye it finally came to Steam.


Damn, I literally just thought of violet evergarden and started tearing up.


No game no life posters in a place further than the universe?

I’m fast as fuck boi


Yeah studios do that all the time

Why have you not seen Madoka Magika yet?


No, doesn’t look like my kinda anime. I’m really slow on watching anime now it really sucks, it was a struggling to finally get around to resuming a place further than the universe.


You don’t even know what you like, remember when you were totally against action in any form.


I was never against action, I just wanted to watch stuff with feels then.


Well Madoka has the feels boi