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Just started Megalo box, 3 episodes in omg this is so good! I was not expecting this at all.


Wow, what complete utter garbage, who would ever watch such a trash show.

Curiosity… Well it killed the cat, and I’m probably next.


That ending theme is dope




IKR I have it in my weeaboo playlist.


I bought the single, amazon has it available digitally


Oooo look at you throwing money around big boi


I’m waiting for like $60 in CDs i ordered from Japan, all weeb shit


I’m waiting for the $120 in cassettes I ordered from Space Japan.


you absolute madlad


I didn’t like it at first but once the anime was over I gave it another listen and I loved it. I have it on my spotify playlist of my fav songs from that anime cus there were enough to make a playlist for just that anime that I liked.


I want more spice and wolf, but not because I want more of the show but mostly because I want more Holo, she is awesome


So you’re a furry?


let me consult the chart

hmmm not furry


Holo becomes a 5 later in the series

Can confirm 100% furry.


Like permanently or can she change as she pleases?


Nah its For a moment.
Wait. You did watch S2? If there is one I can’t recall exactly.


There is a season 2 and I did watch it and I now just remembered she turned into a wild in a sewer.


I’ve not been impressed with the collectables for anime. I’m better off buying anime and soundtracks for anime.


The Devil Homura figure is pretty epic but i just dont have the space to display it.

Other than that i agree with you, i mostly prefer original one off art so marketing posters dont do it for me.