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Mine just get pumped full of sexual innuendos


The lesbian love story is between two traps


Here is the opening theme:

Both are dudes, no autotune used.


Let’s take this up a notch, and by take it up I mean take it off, who needs clothes while singing?


No we don’t


Go away.


10 episodes in and Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria is still doo doo


A show about a kid in another world with his smartphone is bad? How is that possible?


Idk i think a show about showing memes to elves is what the anime culture needs right now.

I have no idea what the fuck Hyakuren no Haou is


Its more played out isekai bullshit that panders to the lowest common denominator while pretending to be clever.


That sounds like @Reformed_JoelBanks’s jam.

I’m watching it and I don’t really know why.


At least we have Kumo desu ga nani ka to look forward to




@TeckMonster, i finished Dimension W it was pretty cool, i wish there was more Mira especially after that last episode but the manga is still ongoing so maybe it continues from there and the anime left that open for another season.


I’m not interesting in spiders. You got any goblins for me to slay?


Spiders are life!

its funny i hate spiders irl

Also hyped for Goblin Slayer


as its meant to be ya friggen cis het


Ay I knew you like monster musume, you were just hiding it.

Monster monster mon mon mon mon monster
monster monster mon mon mon mon monsters life

obviously real spiders doo doo, just like real women, we only like them 2D around here.


No, Mon Musume is still hot garbage


Monster musume
mnster musume
ster msume
ser sume
sker zume
sker z