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Why do you make yourself suffers so much in endless fillers?
Like… ok… grab something in pocket take that. It’s dangerous to go alone outside.
Code Geass
Re: Creators
I guess maybe you will like them.


One piece is one of those shows that has been around forever. It’s just something else I tie into my weekly ritual. Like the L1 news on a Tuesday afternoon.


I couldn’t finish any of the anime, just the manga

with the big shonen shows like that once you’ve invested so much time into them you just have to see it through to the end


I feel like this is what seperates me from the other people in this thread…

What the fuck?


nah, @Reformed_JoelBanks is a weirdo


Hinamatsuri is seriously funny, cannot recommend it enough this season


It’s definitely one of my favorites for sure.

This season isn’t as stacked with great stuff as last season imo (I only say that because i haven’t seen the prequels for all the sequels that are airing), but Hinamatsuri is in the top 2 for me I’d say.


Mmkay… Darling


The moaning at the end lmfao.


Hey guys i’m trying to throw together a playlist of anime/japanese video game music… If you have any suggestions you think would fit in well with what i’ve got so far that would be neat. Going for a dark/energetic vibe.


Possibly this?


But I like this version much more:


@anon86814087 I like your version better as well😀


passpied is pretty chill. Plenty of songs

Erased ED is pretty good

Probably any of Kalafina vocals are mesmerizing


This guy gets it.


Also used to listen to a lot of Asian Kung Fu Generation back when they first had Haruka Kanata as one of the Naruto openings.

Also not sure if Vocaloid suits your taste it maybe unpleasant to the ear but I want to plug UtsuP mainly his Galapagos album
I like that in most of his songs the bass line is very audible and thicccc


It doesn’t.


I’ve once made a playlist of the good ones in Made in abyss


Kalafina are so.much the best vocals. Easily half of my music is them.


More Kimi no Na wa RADWIMPS: