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I was kinda getting close to rating this a 7 because they just made way too many characters ti pay attention to and relationships so by the end I only knew like a fifth of what was going on. the only reason why I rated it an 8 was because what I did know what was going on was pretty funny and cute.


What is this anime supposed to be? a show about a baby that looks like it is shounen trash? How does that work?


Now Google Sonic vore


No thanks, I’m good.


@TeckMonster I just found this quote and I love it, you should too.
“Submarines always beat Dubmarines!”


Totally original concept and in depth lore.


its about where the mc somehow picks up a baby which turns out its a demon and fights whith him on his back and its goddam hirlarious and I want a another season but its unlikely to happen




It’s a pretty good anime, you should give it a watch sometime.


inb4 theres more traps then you realize fam


Lmao, I’m dead :joy:



The subaru everyone likes ^^ vs the subaru I like


hI I was in yesterday asking about being enlightened about anime as James_IRL, I found my og forum Identity. so I will be using this one from here on out.

Status update ~ I watched 4 episodes of Lagann Gurran and I am already hooked.


Wow started Hyouka just yesterday. Already watched 4 ep in this sitting so far. Pretty interesting.
Jesus Kyoani did a fanfuckingtastic job animating the emotion. The scenes are so vivid.


Figured this might be a good spot for this…
from node…


I forgot how good the music for persona 5 is I love it and the anime is alright :stuck_out_tongue:


One Piece. Does anyone here watch it?


nah, Bleach and Naruto already broke my heart


Well I’m up to date with one piece. I binge watched it over a couple months a couple years ago. It makes the fillers so much more evident.

Going to finish naruto shippuden some day.

Just started watching bleach. I can see what it was all the rage back in its glory days