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But it looks like a weird dildo.


This show was unexpectedly good, it wasn’t anything special though, it had good parts and bad parts, I liked the beginning more than the end though. They weren’t really able to strike the right balance between fights and strategies, and inventions and innovations, this was more apparent in the end imo. I’d rate it a 7, it was kinda feeling like an 8 at the beginning but towards the end I was getting close to rating it a 6.


But it has MECHA in it…

Honestly that show is the most Mecha focused she I’ve ever seen


But it isn’t shit mecha until the end with the flying mecha and acro fucking batics. before that it isn’t stupid shit mecha.


Because it’s a poorly done show made from an equally poorly done light novel

Gurren Lagann makes a point to be rediculous from the get go because the mech aren’t point of the show


But it had a cool centaur mecha that required 2 pilots

Basically arcade hecarim from league


But you still won’t watch other mech because you hate mech besides that one mech show you liked.


Then what are some cool mecha with centaur mechas and shit that isn’t stupid and makes boring or hard to follow fight scenes. Or something that is like darling in the franxx that has a kick ass chick with some good romance that’s deep


I gave you plenty of recs


You only gave me fooly cooly or whatever that fucking show is called for mechas

rec me more mechas that are like what I just said


Fooly Cooly isn’t Mecha brother

there is the entire god damn Gundam franchise, La Grange theFlower of Rin-Ne, Code Geass, Evangelion, Eureka Seven (if you want a love story this is it), The Big O (slow moving mech just how you like 'em), Aldnoah; Zero (kind of loses it in the second season)


Oh, you actually rec’d me stuff, now I can’t use the meme I was planning to use.

Then wtf is it? I just watched a few clips from it and it looks weird af.


I’ve recommended Cross Ange multiple time… I would actually recommend watching Gundam Seed and Code Geass for Cross Ange for a few extra lols.




Well SEED specifically because of the referencing of it in Cross Ange.
Also Lagrange got boring in 2nd season…

There is also Genesis of Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL which are also pretty good.

There is so much mecha you won’t even touch.

Valverave the Liberator
Fafner in the Azure


Watching og Gundam right now


Damn straight, I only want the deep shit that also has good and cool mecha stuff


95% of Gundam
Code Geass

^ That right there fit that “Deep” shit

What ever your definition of deep is, I don’t know nor have you seemed to have clarified it clearly enough that we seem to have been recommending the SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER.

Since you like mecha, Senki Zesshou Symphogear fits that category as well. Mecha-singing magical girls.


Watched a few episodes, the strategy just wasn’t able to make up for boring mecha stuff

I’ll get around to checking out what that series is all about some other time

Too old

I’ll give this one a try, sounds interesting

Feels, quality romance (I mean quality, not QUALITY), good character development (a recent example of this would be violet from violet evergarden), and everything that I have not mentioned that is in Darling in the Franxx that is unrelated to mecha and fighting and what not. Basically deep for me is everything that has to do with writing rather than the animation, art, and fights etc.

Mmm, no thanks. lol

Also, you have been recommending me mecha which I have been explicitly saying no mecha to, so the reason you have been doing this is not on me, this is the first time I am seriously asking for mecha.


Macross Frontier, you don’t need to watch any of the previous shit unless you want to understand certain reference they make at different points in the anime that don’t do much to affect the plot without seeing any of it.