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New how not to summon a demon lord episode is crazy wtf

God I hate this show, it has so little action and that is the only reason I’m watching it, fuck the ecchi shit just give me bad ass op action damn it. I honestly preferred this show over this one and that one was a such a shit show but at least it had some decent action.

whenever how not to summon a demon lord is about to have some good action it chickens out and then a little bit later it has some shit action. The characters are way better in this series to compared to death march I fucking hated the characters in that show.


I anticipate the rating on mal will drop to sub 7 once the final ratings come in


Didn’t even know it was above a 7 right now


because the action isnt the point of the show


Idc that’s the only thing it has going for it, comedy is trash, ecchi is bland and basic. Bottom line, the show is trash


Welcome to 99% of anime my friend


I feel they could’ve done so much more with the characters. They aren’t spectacular of course, but they aren’t bad either. I’m debating on a 6 or 5 for the show because it seems they’re far too focused on the ecchi aspect to delve into anything else. The comedy is sparse and what is there isn’t particularly good. Even so, good shows with the ecchi tag are good, not because of the ecchi aspect (though it generally is much more tastefully done than in How not to summon a demon lord), but, because of the character development and interactions therein.


Most of the action in death march is after the anime ended. I personally have been reading the WN and enjoying it but shrug.


Yeah I really like Diablo’s character, every other character is kinda meh with the catgirl as the best meh character. But these characters compared to death march’s characters I’d have to say how not to summon a demon lord has better characters, I really wished the 2 side chicks were more developed and just generally better, the elf is just used for ecchi and that’s it, the catgirl was just used a little in the story and for ecchi, the elf did have the story part with her brother but the brother was so god damn bad and generic that it doesn’t even count imo, like they legit just made him the overused fucked up pervert who tries to rape people, in this case his sister which is another overused trope the siscon.

Just looked to see if next season would have any good isekai, this was all I could find Idk if it will be good or not though just from that description, too vague


Damn you amazon and your pre-orders fook. I got really excited and thought that the second vol was out already. I just purchased the first one


Important matters. I like all the references in the trailer.

(at 0:59 I’m sure it’s Boku no pico he’s forced to watch and 1:07 is hell)


Lmao, for whatever reason I thought he plays League of Legends, guess my mind assumes all Asians play League.


you racist muh nug



This episode wasn’t as funny as the rest but it was still golden, this is the best series of all time in anime hands down.


You’ll have forgotten about it this time next year

Along with everything else from this season


Not overlord, since that is probably going to be continued and I will need to remember what is happening

Maybe they will air a new season of this every summer cus it is a summery type anime. That would be awesome


Since they do 3 volumes as season, there is only enough material for one last season before it goes on hiatus.


When that time comes Ima bang my head on the wall till I enter a coma and hopefully wake up when at least 5 more seasons are out.


Started watching Dimensions W on Funimatiom since i missed it while it aired on toonami (like always)

Also looking forward to FLCL Alternative, After i got past some of the dog shit animation in Progressive and understanding some of the story elements i quite like.


new phone means new camera test

leaps and bounds better than my old HTC One M9 lol