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So I’m no longer a NEET and I said that I would buy this once I stopped being a NEET. Now I just need to research on the best place to buy this ect. I haven’t ever purchased merch like this before


Two mentions of Madoka Magica right at the beginnning…


Watched for a minute and developed a tumor.


Good luck, that’s one old figure that you’re searching for.


You still look just as broke though all of your cash is now a plastic waifu.


Nah man that stuff legit, like it’s the real shit, made from like metal. It doesn’t have none of that cheap shit like plastic




Just watched the latest Demon Lord, i couldn’t stop laughing, this show is hell bent on being trashy as fuck and i love it


tbh it doesn’t seem that hard to find from what I have seen. I just need to talk to some people that actually buy this sort of shit so that I know what store to grab it from and anything else I would need to know.


Tf u doing in the weeb forums tho


Because he is more accepting of his degenerate side than @kewldude007


his avatar was a Zaku for a few months and his title is Sieg Zeon it’s pretty obvious why he’s here


I watched that entire video waiting to see Winry in a tub poking a duck, but they never showed that one. :cry:

This one:


Dammit, Winry.

Which did you like better FMA or Brotherhood?


I really liked that one, and it’s one of the very few anime I actually remember and I remember it very clearly, but I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s meh, so I’ll look forward to hearing how much you liked it or didn’t.


I’ve only watched Brotherhood, and that was top notch from what I remember.

I have heard it’s best to watch FMA to the point they diverge and then switch to FMAB, but I have no idea if that’s a good idea or not.


Equal to me, I somewhat lean on brotherhood because it showed progression and the character actually age somewhat in the series. Another is it is one of the few that handle parallel events quite well.


No idea. I watched both start to end and enjoyed FMA significantly more.

Brotherhood, I don’t exactly remember the specifics, but the divergence went in a way that didn’t really captivate me as much.


I’d just watch both, FMA aside from how they begin can be its own original anime in a sense and is not a horrible one. One reason for enjoying FMA on its own also is because the movie is really really good. The movie is why I give both series a equal standing with slight leanings for the Brotherhood series.


I’ll have to look harder at starting FMA then, bit busy now, but when weather gets worse, I’m sure I’ll be hitting anime hard again.