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Damn, new episode of overlord was good, not much happened but it was still good af and felt like it was over in a snap. It was mostly setting up everything else that is about to happen really but I still enjoyed it.




Did the movie ever get a good release? I remember when it came out all the releases sucked so I haven’t gotten around to watching it.


Yeah the episode was great.

Nep_Blanc put out a proper release back on jun 11. Not sure if public trackers have one but all the other releases are trash besides his. <3

[Nep_Blanc] No Game No Life Zero V2 .mkv

edit: Oh he puts his stuff on nyaa as well. How generous of him.


I just finished watching the NGNL movie and it was pretty damn good imo. The main thing that I got from that though is that I really want that damn season 2 >.>

If it never happens at some point I’ll just read the LNs I guess once those are finished getting translated ect.


Got this poster board at walmart for $3, didn’t know if it was wrong or what but scanned it and it came out to to $3. Lucky I guess.
Might end up removing the plastic sleeves they are in since they fell down slightly.

don’t mind the wrinkles.
I over estimated the size for the two medium prints. Still going to pick up one for the Cells at Work poster I got but I measured it at 18 not sure about the other dimension, it was really rolled up.


$3 for that is a steal wth

Friend couldn’t find any that big for anywhere near that price.


I am still pretty sure it was a glitch. The poster boards near that size were about 20 to 30 dollars.
I looked around the plastic wrap and that was the only UPC I could find on it.
23.8" by 34" odd dimensions but it worked out great for all the prints.





@Skelterz holy shit, I saw A Silent Voice before but this was so fucking good to watch it again!
I definitely enjoyed it much more this time around.
God would have been great to watch all these movies in theater when they were showing.

I am still curious what had happened to the USA release of the BD.
Definitely going to pick up that manga box set when I get the chance.


Nobody is forcing you to watch it.


It’s wasted resources. The team working on it could do something good instead.


That isn’t really how the anime industry works.



Yeah the trash shows like black clover bring in the $$$ for the actual shows that are good.

Look at shows like naruto ect that shit is bank for the studio.


Time for re-educating the people summer camps so they stop watching shit. Problem solved.


All Japan needs to do is embrace the anime industry outside of Japan and they would make so much money they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

smh they just hate money


I’ve watched the shit out of that movie, at least 5 times


Ya Steam is making it really hard to don’t buy those even if I still have not finished VII and would not play those before 2 months at least…


Now this is art.