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Most media is pretty mediocre tbh.
Sometimes we just have to settle for what is available and enjoy those good shows that are so uncommon.


I would include Shinsekai yori in that though. The show is basically a cult classic.


I do agree though the pacing is really odd and

the time skips do not help. Also that this show takes place in an alternate future even though things seem very archaic.
I do wish that the events played out much nicer. Many parts are very sad.


All anyone says is it has cool concepts but it handles them so poorly. And its just plain boring.


I disagree





i watched and loved it. hes wrong


It is a clickbait video and @Skelterz apparently stupid enough to fall for it.


says the guy who likes that mediocre show


i will admit that the show could have been better. the pacing is not great and you spend a whole lot of time wondering “what the actual fuck?” and then waiting for the characters to re learn things after having their memories wiped and catch up with the audience. however with and despite its flaws it is still a great show worth watching and i have seen it more then once. their is a great and unique show in their but you need to get through the game of thrones style half a book of backstory first.


see that’s the thing, it wasn’t engaging despite how interesting the ideas may be. It was executed so poorly that those ideas meant nothing.


Oh yeah here is a nice grainy ass photo of my pick ups
Also got a free 24" by 36" poster for cells at work when I purchased the Devil Homura.

Also I am kind of sad, I went to the fulfillment center and did not receive these pins. Or maybe they just made it hard to actually get them dunno, I didn’t see anybody with them anywhere.

I already decided on the poster frames to pick up. I just need to actually go get them. Also for the Homura figure, what have I gotten myself into I am going to need a fairly large acrylic box. Seen some already but they run about 60 dollars. oof.


Biggest issue I had just a few weeks ago. Couldn’t find a reasonably priced single figure case, especially not in glass. And now you know why I just said “f*** it” and bought an Ikea Detolf.

edit: im not even sure if Homura and her wings will fit on a single shelf, holy shit she’s tall
edit 2: 15 1/8" space between shelves on my detolf, 15.6" height listed on RIP
edit 3: bottom shelf actually has a max height of 15 9/16" which would probably be high enough to squeeze her in

Friend’s freebie cells at work poster he picked up at crx today

lucky bastard said he got a free admission pass for today from his other friend


Oh shit nice on the pass. Yeah the free posters were a nice little pickup.

And jesus, what did I really get myself into lol
Thats freaking ridiculous haha.
Unfortunately my room is cramped enough as it is. I could probably get rid of this one small desk I have in my room and make a bit more space.


Then get something like that to display your collection.



Was looking through what kind of references to popculture are in World of Warcraft and found this:


I cringed a little Maybe a little more than a littleWhen I read the last line since I read it in the nerdiest weebiest no life voice I could think of cus that’s exactly what it sounds like

“This is clearly a direct reference to Voltron.”


Yeah, a lot of the stuff is written like that, even vague stuff is “clearly a reference” to something.