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In the OP I have a list of streaming services. If your wanting to watch Death Note (the anime) it’s also on Netflix.

You can use to get a feel for the different anime.

Edit: Are you going to be watching dub or sub? I’ll make some streaming recommendations after I know that.


I look at things like this I wouldn’t tell a barber how to cut hair, I am the one who is learning so I will follow instruction.


Do you have Netflix or Amazon Prime already?


Dubbed is the easiest way to get into anime, some are even better than the Japanese original


I have both along with Hulu.


Gurren Lagann dub is on all 3. I don’t know if Netflix or Hulu have the dub (I don’t have them), but Amazon has the dub.

Personally I wasn’t a big fan of this one, but lots of people love it.


@James_IRL I think we can bombard you with recommendations til are fingers are numb but when it comes to anime it could about literally anything. One of my favorite shows from last year ended up being about ballroom dancing.

There are some damn good sci fi but I think anime shines in cases like Madoka Magika, everything about this series looks like a kids show about cute magical girls but what you get is a psychological thriller.


I will check it out.


I don’t usually recommend that type of stuff right off because the art style and all can be off putting, hell I didn’t watch it for 3 years, but you seem less hesitant to jump right in


I hope we’re not bombarding you with too much all at once, but another option is to go though the top anime list on MAL, and watch whatever procures you interest.

If your not sure about were something is streaming feel free to ask us.


will be happy to. Thank you everyone for your help.


Speaking of MAL’s top anime list. WOW, Steins;Gate 0 must have one hell of a first impression.


I was talking to friend just now and told him i was finally going to learn anime he recommended Ergo Proxy and Psycho -pass whats your guys’ thoughts on these?


Yes, they are amazing cyberpunk series


I haven’t seen either but I’ve heard good things. They’re both on Funimation and VRV.


So just to get this straight,

My list is:

Gurren Laggann,
Ghost in the shell
Death note
Steins gate:0
Madoka Magika
Ergo -Proxy

I will get started on these tomorrow.


That’s a nice list, all shows I’d watch again in a heartbeat, let us know what you love and what you hate.


will do. Thank you guys again.


Links to dub streams for your list.

Gurren Lagann (Amazon)
Ghost in the shell (Hulu)
Death note (Netflix)
Steins gate:0 (I’d recommend starting with Steins;gate available on Funimation)
Madoka Magika (Netflix)
Durarara (Crunchyroll, Netflix)
Ergo -Proxy (Funimation, Hulu)
Psycho-Pass (Funimation)

Oh, I don’t have Netflix so I’m not sure if those links are dub or sub.


Netflix show pages have a details section showing audio and subtitles languages available.

Death Note, Durarara & Durarara X2, and Madoka Magica are all english dubbed.