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um would say ergo proxy is more scifi/cyber punk then the ghost in the shell, stand alone complex, and 2nd gig, which then makes sense them being less popular over all

similar to if you were to say look at kite/mezzo, and then the mezzo dsa, in that single releases like ghost in the shell, 2 innocence etc, maybe the og people have more control, then when you start talking series maybe the studio/publisher or something has more control, resulting in a less risque, more streamlined easier to watch etc

that if you wanted stuff to think about/heavy use of literary devices and stuff, much more of that in the movies, and ergo proxy, then in ghost in the shell the series(s), there is character development and stuff though, as would be assumed being a series, but overall is toned down easier to follow/understand everything thats happened

so if you want that more harder scifi edge so to speak, then ergo should be good, else maybe do couple test episodes before you commit


I refuse to comply


Welcome @James_IRL

Feel free to browse our various Anime lists, which are found in the OP, to see which one of us connoisseurs of trash has the most similar tastes to you.

You can disregard any recommendations @Skelterz gives you until he finally watches K-On!


I love when watching My Hero Academia on crunchyroll the video randomly stops playing at a certain point and refreshing the page doesnt work :angry: and this is why I go on the seas when it comes to anime D:


I don’t see Erased on many peoples list, one of my favorites as it always left on a good cliffhanger.


Probably because of the ending


Damn it, just finished that recently too


I actually didnt mind the ending tbh, but to each their own


It felt rushed to me but Erased is one of my favorite animu’s.


Just finished watching this, kinda disappointed and intrigued, the plot of “guy who is programmer/manga artist/modelmaker is suddenly sent to another world and uses knowledge to make things in a medieval era” is getting tiresome to me. and @Calidrius I agree, they could have extended it to hes teenage years to do another crime that was committed.


YES! I’ve finally got my song about ramen lol

ripping all the cd’s i bought


I saw this before, I don’t know why I didn’t start watching it immediately I will now start watching this.


ive already seen / read most of it


Oh I already know you have. It sounds like your kinda anime


That’s exactly why I stopped using CR and made that post I did a while back lol. This happens way too frequently for me on CR.


FTFY and I second this


you like bad shows


It has delicious #PLOT.

you have a succubus, demon lord and a childhood friend… all of them basically in one roof… and like all cliche’s… the parents go on a business trip…

you do the maths.



Westerners should be banned from traps

Oh OK, so should ASIANS I guess.

Next thing you know fucking @ThatBootsGuy is gonna start dressing up as K ON! characters. Please don’t btw


Sneaky had his GF’s help becoming a trap.

Why? Sneaky has the body to pull it off, his GF cosplay’s a ton and has the skill to help Sneaky look the part.

For the Raka one, I’ve seen BoxBox in the Bunny Girl riven costume without make up, this was only his level up to becoming a full trap.