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the author of overlord is a big dnd nerd and all his friends got too busy to play so he wrote overlord


Wouldn’t have guessed that with the isekai/MMO setting.


They honestly might be.

Wiring up LEDs is a big pain in the ass

Ikea Detolf: $10
Paint: $4
LEDs: $8
Connectors: $1.50
Total: $23.50 + some other small bits and an afternoon of work. Well worth it though, looks amazing.





Tasteful :smiley: . I would do the whole weeb thing but I just can justify spending money on plastic that has no function other than aesthetic pleasure. I don’t mind sending money to someones Patreon to support a creator but I think using fossil fuels to produce plastic figures is wasteful.

PS: I’m not trying to guilt you or anything, I just wish there was a more direct way to support the creators I like without buying physical items eg. CD, DVD’s, Blurays and Figures.


I can’t relate to this level of weebery


I want that Jibril Nendoroid


It can fill the void in your heart.


Got the Jibril new in box for a steal compared to other places. No regrets. Drooling on the tablet is basically what sold me.


I have this one

My mother actually said it was quite beautiful haha


Besides the countless gunpla I got this


Needs bigger milk juggs.


I gifted my sister the bootleg version of this

Geez the legit versions are sooo much moneyy. NGNL scale figures though are pretty damn nice.


thought she was pregnant not holding a beach ball for a moment.


That’s a whole other fetish


I thought the sculptor built it after seeing Nene from Hajimete no Gal (also, not noticing it was a beach ball for a second).


It’s my fetish


Plot intensifies T H I C C E N S


hmm… It is cheaper for me to import that from japan than to buy it on amazon…