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I’m really digging your Miku wall scroll.


So I’m having a Llenn vinyl made for my itx PC, gonna be awesome


ah you’re finally modding your case huh


Yes, flying with it to Texas Thursday morning


outta stock though :c

quick look says it’s $200 from most importers and a bit less on the mfc classifieds (

aka rip wallet

Thanks! One of the random grabs I got in Hong Kong outside Sino Center. Ended up being a bit pricy at $7/ea compared to the other larger ones I have LOL

Now I have issues buying wall scrolls anywhere else because everything seems expensive when compared to the ridiculous price and print quality available in china


better be pics

also isn’t thursday cutting it close? Unless you’re getting it made locally ofc.


Down the street locally, and cutting it very close


Rewatching Bleach and then Fairy Tail.
Needs more friendship, though.




I don’t know how long Hanebado can keep this up, seems like they make every opponent irredeemably evil, it’s a fucking sports anime they’re not fighting to save the world.


Well, they can’t all have super ultra mega techniques like in Kickers.

Funny offtopic sidenote: “Teufelsdreier” in German means MMF threesome.


I really like this intro

So good.



That’s just depressing :frowning:


Really liked the intro as well and have been enjoying the show quite a lot, although the show being CG took a little getting used to. At least it looks fairly decent and I would not mind more CG anime of this style as long as it’s fluid enough.

Also I’m glad it doesn’t have that abominable lighting/shading most anime CG is plagued with.




Made a new profile pic it’s from when Daryl wakes up after passing out mid battle in Gundam Thunderbolt. such a good series



bout to pick this up this week. hopefully it’s gud.

inb4 it’s trash like muh waifu.



But is there incest?


No. it’s stereotypical. you play a man who manages an bunch of idols.